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Adele James on Netflix's Controversial 'Cleopatra' Series: 'Blackwashing Isn't the Same Thing'

Adele James, playing the titular role in Queen Cleopatra on Netflix Documentary series in which the Egyptian government criticizes the famous ruler of the dark-skinned country.

“Blackwashing isn’t a thing, is it?” the British actress said Wednesday at The Wayne Ayers Podcast covered the racial controversy and legacy of Cleopatra, which remains a hotly debated topic among historians. “I find it sad that people are either so self-loathing or so threatened by the darkness that they feel the need to do this and separate Egypt from the rest of the continent,” Wounded Added star.

Netflix declined to comment on the documentary series’ creative choice to cast a biracial James as Cleopatra to reflect historical research pointing to the multicultural and multicultural nature of the ancient Egyptian population. Race.

“Her race was not the focus of Queen Cleopatra, but we did intentionally decide to portray her as half-breed to reflect the Theories of Egyptian descent, the multicultural nature of ancient Egypt,” the series’ producers told Netflix’s Tudum website .

Portrayed with Egypt expert. Jane Root, who produced Queen Cleopatra for Nutopia, could not be reached for comment.

The biopic, which opens worldwide on Netflix Wednesday, is part of a Pinkett Smith documentary series that explores the famous and iconic The life of an African queen. The first season of the docu-series follows century warrior queen Njinga, ancient ruler of Ndongo and Matamba (known today as Angola).

“We don’t see or hear stories about black queens very often, it’s really important to me and my daughter (Willow) just for To make these stories known to my community because there are many of them. It is sad that we do not have access to these women who have been so historically strong and pillars of African nations,” Pinkett Smith said in her Tudum article. 1543321457



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