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Adidas Sambas, It-Girls' current favorite sneaker, have a storied history

The adidas Samba sneaker has stood the test of time. Even sneakerheads who stay tuned to the latest trends agree.

Vogue’s Ultimate Adidas Sambas Edit:

  • Cult Classic: Adidas Originals Samba OG Suede Trimmed Sneakers, $
  • Supermodel staple food:
  • Adidas Originals Samba OG Sneakers, $100

  • Dual tone options: Adidas Originals Samba Sneakers, $130
  • Pink Pops: Adidas Velosamba Vegan Shoes, $100
  • Sought after style: Adidas x Wales Bonner samba sneakers, $120

    Runner started in 1950 and since then thanks to its affordable price tag, accessibility ( Skip the line for these vintage lace-ups) and history, becoming one of the best-selling products in adidas history.

    Serving many athletes in the early days, samba is most famously associated with

  • , when the three stripes became the logo of football stadiums.

    In the 1950 years, the Gallagher Brothers expressed their appreciation for terrace culture during the heyday of the Oasis Agreed, this means that the Sambas and another adidas popular style, the Gazelle, has become a pop culture icon. Mark in Danny Boyle’s cult movie Trainspotting, Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, wears burgundy Samba Supers.

    Modern style is more stylish than football. Proof that the adidas Sambas aren’t going anywhere comes from It-girls. Footwear fanatic Emily Ratajkowski also owns athletic styles from Nike and Reebok and is a fan of samba. Kaia Gerber accessorized her French-girl essentials with trusty sneakers, while Bella Hadid offset her bright vintage threads with classic Sambas.

    Kaia Gerber.

    Arnold Jarokey 1990

    Emily Ratajkowski.


    The Rihanna-approved trainer needs little introduction. Sometimes, when her rare pair of sneakers—the bombastic foam at the mouth—look too eye-catching, Rih swears by the original Adidas. Take last summer when she decided to wear Sambas instead of her favorite Amina Muaddi heels and Nensi Dojaka LBD. Singer partner A$AP Rocky is also a fan




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