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ADK Holdings president arrested in Olympic bribery scandal

Tokyo police issue arrest warrant for advertising agency ADK Holdings President Shinichi Ueno on Wednesday suspected of bribing former Tokyo Olympic Committee member Haruyuki Takahashi 154 100 10,000 yen (approximately US dollars , 500) to selectADK as Olympic marketing agent, police raidADK

company headquarters held on the day. Police also raided toys on Wednesday after prosecutors accused Takahashi of accepting payments totaling 7 million yen Headquarters of commodity company Sun Arrow (approximately USD 47, , previously reported to be 8 million yen) paid a bribe to Sun Arrow to select the company as an authorized manufacturer of Olympic toys. The police also issued a fourth arrest warrant for Takahashi, alleging that he received a total of 154 million yen (approximately US dollars 362,000) from

Bribery ADK

and Sun Arrow. Police had previously arrested Takahashi three times on charges of taking bribes from three other companies related to Olympic sponsorship: Aoki Holding Company, Kadokawa and Daguang Advertising . Mr. Takahashi also served as a senior managing director of a Japanese advertising agency and the exclusive agent of the Olympic Japan sponsor Dentsu Inc.

Source: The Japan Times via Hachima Kikō




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