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Admire Cartier's new high jewelry on the hills outside Florence

There are jewels first, and then there are jewels. On a flying visit to Florence, Italy last week, you’ll see the usual gleaming gold displays on the Ponte Vecchio – don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of stuff – but then there’s the heartbreaking Cartier in The fine jewelry on display at their Le Voyage Recommend fandango, which of course was the reason for the trip in the first place.

Who can deny the joys of Florence and its spectacular Renaissance architecture – the Uffizi has long queues, next time we’ll catch the Birth of Venus; quick to m Cheerful Angelo’s David waves (he’s a replica, anyway…) It’s a walkable town. In less than 10 minutes, you can go from Caffe Gilli, home of the famous photo “American Girl in Florence” to Humana, Florence’s version of Goodwill, all close by 19 euros (but, alas, it seems). Or head in the opposite direction to the 800 year-old Santa Maria de Novella – much more than a pharmacy where your friends buy soap but you’re overwhelmed by Lotions get overwhelming and potions you get for nothing.

Cartier saves the best for last. Had a sunset cocktail at Chateau Antinori the night before before the unveiling of the fine jewelry. The building is a triumph of modernism, designed by Marco Casamonti, and you descend from deep underground – my ears slammed – to a stunning vista where you can dine on ravioli, risotto and tiramisi Su’s menu – three words I know in Italian. So delicious, so chic, but no jewelry until tomorrow!

I squeezed into the car early the next morning – every Cartier guest has their own chauffeur which is a luxury that cannot be praised enough and headed out of town for a half Head to Lucca at 1 hour to the newly restored 10 century-old Villa Reale di Marlia, former home of Napoleon’s sister Elisa.

78 dazzling pieces of fine jewelry are on display here, and the flower-adorned room is illuminated by dazzling chandeliers. Cherubin dances on the ceiling: the vitrines showcase swaths in unexpected combinations of hues and stones, making this jewel modern and playful despite its rare pedigree. Why not a pair of Zambian emeralds set in a bed of turquoise and diamonds? Who says you can’t mix diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds in a luxurious Tutti-Frutti suite? A 19 carat Ceylon sapphire necklace is actually functional: the pendant can be detached – wear it as a brooch! — so you can simplify things with a sapphire and gold chain. All of the above are jaw-dropping, and my taste is relatively low-key-may I ask this carved black jade leopard lying on a diamond branch and waving red tourmaline water droplets? I promise I will wear it every day.



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