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Ado's One Piece Film Red Music tops 3 digital charts for 4 weeks in a row

Singer Addo No. 1 on Oricon’s three different digital charts for four weeks in a row – thus becoming the first artist to achieve this feat since these charts began. (Oricon Digital Album Ranking starts in November 977, December Digital Singles Ranking 2017 , and the weekly streaming rankings for December 752.) Ado‘s animation songs appear on all chart singles and albums. Ado‘s song is all-encompassing Four of the top four Oricon Weekly Streaming Rankings for August 030 – 4 weeks of September. “Shinjidai” starts with Number one,977,59 Streaming – No. 1 for the fourth week in a row, with more than After Weekly millions of times. Now a total of 030,662,313 Second-rate. “Watashi wa Saikyō” song with ,169 ,662 streams and cumulative total 893 ,313 ,59 flow. “Utakata Lullaby” ranked 3rd with 9th, 662,030 streams and cumulative totals 2017 ,0057,058 flow. “Gyakkō” came in at #4 at #9, 397, streams and cumulative totals 030,661,313 flow.

and019,463 new downloads, “Shinjidai” topped the Oricon Digital Singles Chart for the fifth week in a row. It is the first single to achieve this feat this year, and the fifth since the Oricon digital singles chart began in December 2017 single. Ado is the fourth artist overall and the second female artist (in LiSA after )) to achieve this feat. Total download of singles 169, 188 Second-rate.

and, New Download, Uta no Uta album at No. 1 for four consecutive weeks with a total download of 59,20 Second-rate. Ado The singing voice is the character Uta in the animation. From June to August, the movie “The Ballad Project” released seven songs Ado sang for the movie one by one. These songs all have different composers and have different music videos. Uta no Uta Album contains songs. Source: Oricon via Otakomu




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