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AEW Rampage results: August 19 winners, results, reactions and highlights

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This week’s Rampage lineup (Source: AEW) Welcome to the August 19 Bleacher Report’s coverage and review of the All Elite Wrestling Rampage.

This week’s show features two big title fights and a game that will have an impact on future champions.

Hook defended his FTW title with real estate TV star Zack Clayton, Swerve in our Glory defended the AEW Tag Team Championship against Private Party, Best Friends take on The Trustbusters in the quarterfinals of the Trios Championship.

We also heard from Claudio Castagnoli and saw Penelope Battle of Ford and Athena. Let’s take a look at what happened on Friday’s Rampage.

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    In our glory And Turning In Private Party (Source: AEW)

    Rampage opens with Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta in the ring for a promotion. The ROH World Champion challenges and Dustin Rhodes is the one to answer the call. It looks like we’ll get a title fight between them in Rampage next week.

The first game of the night was the AEW tag title. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee face off against Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy.

This game is fun and probably won’t surprise anyone in it. Kassidy, Quen, and Swerve have plenty of interesting high-flying spots, while Lee focuses more on his ability to throw everyone around with ease.

Even if they lost, Private Party emerged from this game looking like a competitive team, Might end up winning those belts. AEW waited a long time to give them a big push, but if they keep improving, they’ll be champs in no time.

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  • Turn in our glory Grade:


  • Notable moments and observations

    Getting Kassidy to counter Lee’s re-roll, Lee’s first hit on Lee’s debut, is a good storytelling. Regardless, Lee’s batting late in the game was the icing on the cake. Quinn looks better with her hair and outfit now. His old look is featured, but his new look is more streamlined. He also gained some muscle. Final respect is a great way to end this.

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      Hook and Zack Clayton (Credit: AEW)

      Hooker gave Clayton 15 seconds of pro wrestling fame this week when he took the FTW title Put it in a showdown with a reality TV star.

      As soon as Clayton got his swing, Hook ducked and locked him in red rum to win. It was over in seconds. While the game ends faster than both entrances, there are few ideal situations, regarding what to watch People Related to Jersey Shore losing so quickly is satisfying.

      This game will get a very low score because it can hardly be called a game, but it’s still fun.

  • WIN By: Hooked

    Grade: D+

  • Since both games are fast squash, feel like putting them on the same page. While Serpentico may have played harder than Clayton, he suffered the same fate when Matthews beat him in less than two minutes.

    While it’s great to see Matthews get a chance to stand out on his own, this game feels unnecessary. What matters is what happens afterward.

    Milo came and threw Maracay Black’s mask on the ramp, indicating that he had refused his request. proposed, and he and Matthews immediately began arguing. The Bulgarian powerhouse stands tall after sending the 33-year-old Black House member out of the ring.

  • WINNER: Buddy Matthews

    Grade: C –

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        Penelope Ford and Athena (Source: AEW)

      Athena looked She continued her unbeaten streak in singles this week when she took on Ford in the fourth game of the night.

      With Ember Moon quickly in control, the 29-year-old didn’t make it easy for her. Ford turned things around and made some nice offensive moves.

      Athena triumphed shortly after the ad break. When Jade Cargill smashed her special entrance jacket with a sledgehammer on stage, she was attacked almost immediately by The Baddies.

      The game itself is fine, although too much happens during breaks instead of full screen. The aftermath of the game kept the feud going, but the game between Athena and Cargill had to happen quickly.

    1. Winner: Athena

    Grade: C+

  • Notable moments and Observed
  • Announcers rarely acknowledge Kip Sabian in crowds during TV recordings, so his presence on camera and being talked about is a good sign that he’s quick will come back. Ford is one of AEW’s most underrated competitors. She was responsive, agile, and showed a willingness to go beyond the call of duty more than once. Athena’s Terminator looks fantastic. Ford sold it like a champ.

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    Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux and Slim J face off against Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta in the Main Event to see which team advances in the Trios Championship.

    The Trustbusters tried to use some classic heel tag team moves to take control early, but veteran Taylor was ready for their tricks and The upper hand was maintained until Boudreaux stepped in.

    This quarter-final game is still full of competition, but once Cassidy gets flagged, he starts taking the game To Davari and Slim J. The three best friends all used a three-game losing streak to keep Boudreaux out.

    Sonny Kiss ended up getting involved, pushing Cassidy off the ropes, but OC managed to hold on to the game. Just before the three best friends beat him in a unique trio finisher, Danhausen appeared to curse Slim J.

    Most of it was relatively bland, but it picked up at the end of the game and produced some memorable moments.

    winner:best friend

    Grade: B

  • Noteworthy moments and observations
  • heard Jim Ross vs Cassidy It’s fun to get excited by the entrance music.
  • The comparison between Brock Lesnar and Boudreaux is pretty accurate. If he is booked correctly, the 23-year-old could have a huge career. Slim J has been wrestling since 2001 and his style hasn’t changed since then. No one should wear their visor in such a pointless way, but that’s what makes it fun. He’s also fun in the ring.



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