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AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Results, Reactions and Highlights from September 2

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Friday Rampage Lineup (Source: AEW) Welcome to Bleacher Report’s September 2nd coverage and review of AEW Rampage. This is the last show before Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view, so here’s Tony Khan on the cards Last chance for any changes and hype. Following last week’s loss, Ortiz and Ruby Soho earned non-competition AAA mixed tag champions Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara Championship rematch. QT Marshall takes on Ricky Starks, The Best Friends takes on The Dark Order and Hangman Page in a trio match , to see who will fight Elite this weekend in the finals of the AEW World Trios Championship. Let’s see what happened on Friday’s show.

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      Hangman Pages, The Dark Order and Best Friends (Source: AEW)

      Rampage starts in the ring with Orange Cassidy and “The Executioner” Adam Page on to start the game for their team. Danhausen appeared to curse Page, so the referee ejected him. The executioner actually seemed upset that the referee sent him away.

      Once John Silver was tagged, best friends started to dominate. Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor dominated the game throughout halftime, but as the show returned, Page started to attack.

      Alex Reynolds also had some offense, but neither team had the upper hand in the second half of the game.

      After Hangman failed to hit the Buckshot Lariat, Silver was able to roll up Taylor to win for his team. The game starts off with some comedy, which may or may not be up to your own liking, but as the game progresses, it all starts. It was a fulfilling outing for all six.


    1. Dark Order and Adam Page
    2. Grade: B-

    3. Notable moments and observations
    • page to everything The reaction was hilarious with Danhausen, but Danhausen’s presence felt unnecessary. He got a nice little pop, but the game didn’t benefit from his addition.
    • It’s also a weird thing for the executioner to hold silver like a baby, but it’s also kind of funny if you like that kind of comedy.

  • Chris Jericho didn’t yell at comments like he usually does. not bad. Paige’s top rope moonsault always looks good. He may not be up to 450 seconds and shooting star presses, but his movements from the top rope are usually very precise.

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      Rey Fenix ​​(Source: AEW)

      Rey Phoenix exits the doubles division to take on Blake Christian in the singles game that night.

      Although the pace of the game is fast, it is also fast in general. After just a few minutes of flying high, the former AEW Tag Team Champion failed.

      It was a fun little sprint, but it was too short to be anything special. At least Christian looked good on national television, even if it failed.

      winner:Rey Phoenix

      Grade: C

    1. Notable moments and observations
  • Fenix ​​may occasionally make mistakes, but when he does It’s easy to forgive when everything seems to be going so well.
  • The Superkick Fenix ​​hit looks fantastic. Christian turned his head to the side and sold at the perfect moment.

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      Tay Melo, Sammy Guevara, Ruby Soho and Ortiz (Image credit: AEW)

      Cheating in previous game for AAA mixed tag champion to keep After their title, Soho and Ortiz have the chance to take revenge against Melo and Guevara in another mixed tag match this week.

      The match went into the ad almost immediately, but the picture-in-picture shows us Merlot and Guevara most of the time Control the rhythm.

      Soho and Ortiz started to build some momentum after the show came back and they ended up winning when Melo was suddenly rolled up. Half of the game happened during halftime and it felt like they were rushing from one action to the next . Excalibur immediately announced that the third encounter would take place on Sunday, with the mixed-label title going live. winner: Ruby Soho and OrtizGrade: C

      • Notable moments and observations

    1. Gwa Ra and Mello went from the kind of heat that made you want to see them get beaten to the kind that made you want to see them leave. Melo was hit several times in the head and barely sold. You can sell actions quickly without making them look completely ineffective. Guevara looked even more distressed after he headed him in Soho. enziguiri Guevara hits Ortiz looking to have almost no contact, if any.

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          QT Marshall and Ricky Starks (Credit: AEW)

        We have the non-wrestling part to hype three All Out matches, Athena vs. Jade Cargill, The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in our Glory, and FTR and Warlow vs. Jay Lethal and Motor City Machine Guns.

        The highlight of the night was Starks vs. Marshall. They had their usual pregame interview with Mark Henry, but in the end Marshall and Starks got into a fight before they even had a chance to get in.

        The way they made it all work definitely helped put the audience in the right mindset, especially since Marshall was originally just this storyline gun for hire in . Now, he feels like an integral part of the story between Starks and Hobbs the Strong.

        The pace of this game is steady, allowing them to sell big moves. After 10 minutes of intense wrestling, Starks finally got the pin. Hobbs stepped off the ring and began fighting his former Taz allies, while several officials tried unsuccessfully to separate them.

        This is a great example of Marshall making someone look good, but Starks doesn’t need much in that department help. This might not seem like a major event on paper, but they delivered in the end.

        winner:Ricky Starks

      Grade: B-

    2. Noteworthy moments and observations
    3. The crowd is already like dolls The same face lags behind Starks. He got some great responses.
    4. Starks hit the textbook tornado DDT that Marshall helped pull out. The way Starks hit Aaron Solo on the apron with his spear looks nasty. Solo may have been blown over a bit by the wind. Marshall’s diamond cutter looks good out of nowhere.



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