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After defeating Drew McIntyre in WWE Castle Battle, what's next for Roman Reigns?

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Still your undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns! (Credit: WWE)

On the surface – with the help of Solo Sikoa – Roman Reigns is still your undisputed WWE Universal Champion, in Cardiff successfully defeated Drew McIntyre.

Clash of the castles is a major hurdle to overcome, especially the cash in the bank of Austin’s theory is An additional imminent threat, but the tribal chief has a title firmly in his grasp and a new ally to help him support him in the bloodline.

Effectively, though beaten, the Reigns are stronger than ever.

But when you are at the top of the food chain, everyone below you still sees you as their ultimate goal. Reigns has no shortage of challengers eager to wrest these belts from him.

So, what’s next for The Head of the Table?


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    Next straight thing Will take a step back and address what happened in Cardiff. WWE usually gets some, if not the full, plot from looking back at these events and the hype about the champion’s success in retaining his title.

    Much of the focus will be on how McIntyre explains his loss and reiterates his commitment to not stop fighting for the title Accused Sikoa of meddling and will seek retribution.

    Reigns will be present as one, but not the main player. Usos and Sami Zayn will be more active and hands-on with Sikoa, especially wrestling in any doubles matches that may result.

    The tribal leader will take a back seat. Even with his next challenger announced, Sikoa still needs to be given a lot of attention lest he get lost in the shuffle. It will also give WWE some breathing room to not overexpose Reigns before the next championship match.

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      Reigns unlikely on October 8 Wrestled at Extreme Rules before.

      While Friday night’s SmackDown features quite a few big fights here and there, the Reigns usually don’t wrestle on TV at all, let alone at the upcoming press. The pay-per-view championship is on defense.

      If he wrestles at all, it will be in doubles or something that limits him.

      There’s even a chance he’s backed out of Extreme Rules after skipping some premium live events earlier this year. However, since Paul Heyman is the face of the show’s commercials, WWE is at least promoting The Bloodline’s involvement.

      Two months later, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Jewels is scheduled for November 5. Since these are premium shows that require big names to show up, Reigns will definitely be competing there.

      Extreme rules could make headlines, with McIntyre taking on Karrion Kross in No. 1 contender, or McIntyre in a A gimmick match against The Bloodline with some teammates instead of the reigning champion Reigns. It would be a cop, but this year WWE did something similar.

      At least, the Reigns won’t be full for months without taking his belt out. Whether it’s on Extreme Rules, Crown Jewel or both, he needs a challenger.

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        Credit: WWE

        Deciding who gets the next match against Reigns will take up the next few weeks of SmackDown, if not over the limit rules.

        A rematch with McIntyre is not out of the question, but the Scottish Warriors need to first justify his reasoning for interfering with him Deserved, and then possibly winning some kind of contender’s game to officially regain the chance.

        Kroos is counting down — literally — to the days when he can shoot. He doesn’t stand idly by and let others line up ahead of him.

        The only other superstars to linger on the championship stage, interacting with The Bloodline are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The latter is still sucking the camp, not fully realizing how low he is on the totem pole, but his best friend is starting to open his eyes.

        WWE always has a chance to surprise the audience with a shocking comeback like Bray Wyatt or Braun S. Trauman, they could just pick Raines outright and fight him in extreme rules, but a safer bet would be McIntyre, Cross, Owens or, to a lesser extent, Zayn, being the next challenger .

        To avoid two heels, WWE might set up a triple threat with Reigns in Extreme Rules with McIntyre and Kross before heading to Crown Jewel’s special attraction challenger, who only comes for one night or returns to action later in October.

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          Image credit: WWE

          WWE probably doesn’t have everything until WrestleMania 39 is planning a moment for Reigns in this special place, but at least it should Get an overview of what he’s doing for the next “Big Four” show, the Survivor Series.

          Graphically, the Raw vs. SmackDown brand battle will continue, but with some twists and turns.

          Usually, in the Men’s and Women’s knockout rounds at Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown, the winner of each brand will compete with its peers Championship fight. Intercontinental champion Gunther will take on American champion Bobby Lashley and others.

          While there are two sets of titles, Reigns and The Usos have no parallel titles. They either don’t have these types of competitions, or just have regular challengers like any other event.

          Who hasn’t been used between McIntyre, Cross, Owens, and Zayn, if theory If they don’t screw things up in the interim, they’ll take the title, lose the game, and leave Reigns on top of both rosters.

          The end of the year will be a part of the December break, and WWE will be setting up whoever challenges Reigns on Day 1 to put it Link up with the Royal Rumble and start the road to WrestleMania 39, and it all seems to be heading towards a match with The Rock.

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