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After hosting the most successful WrestleMania in history, WWE reaches another huge milestone with SummerSlam 2023

WWE has the power to hype fans. A simple event announcement often unites WWE fans. Promotions have a lot of power over their audience, and the statistics always bear this out. The latest report is another big announcement for WWE. While WrestleMania 39 sold enough for the promotion to brag about, they didn’t stop there.

Reports on the SummerSlam 2023 announcement have been published. While every WWE PPV is a big deal for fans, But the sale of the summer event show seems to be something fans are particularly concerned about.

SummerSlam 2023 breaks all WWE records


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WrestleMania When it comes to WWE’s PPV events, it’s a different story. Some even call it the “Super Wrestling Bowl.” So the fact is that all fans are looking for the opportunity to book access to the stadium. Counting the comparison of WrestleMania events, the number of reservations for SummerSlam 2023 has never been seen before.

Reportedly, this is the biggest day – a sale of any stadium event in WWE history, putting WrestleMania aside. No other PPV in the promotion had 32,000 tickets booked on day one. The event is scheduled to take place on August 5, 2023. Fans are still speculating about the storyline that will come to the fore. Between those four months, the excitement didn’t seem to fade.

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In order to compete with its competitors, AEW president Tony Khan also announced one of his company’s most important events.

WWE leaves opponents behind


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The biggest attraction of AEW’s “All In” is their scheduled venue. Tony Khan’s company has decided to bring it to London’s Wembley Stadium. To better compete, Khan will also be hosting his event in August. AEW’s upcoming event pre-sale has 45,000 signers, and the actual sale is not yet open to fans. That broke the WWE record for ticket sales of 32K, but the match didn’t end there.

AEW saw a large number of signers drop out at the last minute during the presale. Previously, AEW counted

less than half of the pre-sale signers as actual viewers. So, even though Tony Khan’s promotion may appear to be ahead of the pre-sale numbers, in reality WWE can still count as ahead of its opponents in a practical sense.


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How much do you think SummerSlam 2023 will be? Comment your thoughts below.



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