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After Monza F3 red flag, Martins thinks about Hamilton's 2021 F1 season finale

The ART driver won the championship after the race but was penalized for exceeding track limits due to the early end of the race. Contenders Zane Maloney and Oliver Bearman, who looked poised to take the title before the red flag, made contact between Kush Maini and Brad Benavides.

Martins’ penalty put him in fifth place behind William Aratalo, only because the Janzer driver was also penalized and lifted Martins to fourth.

There is some confusion as to who will be the champion, the gap between Martins, Maloney and Bierman is small.

When asked how he felt when he was red flagged with five laps left, Martins told “I was thinking please, I don’t want the same It happened to Lewis Hamilton last year.”

The Alpine Academy member said he was now able to recognise his achievements after the standings were confirmed.

“Now I can feel a little bit of happiness, what I’ve achieved,” the French said.

“It was kind of hard at the end of the race all the panic at the end of the race came with penalties, all the track limits were on TV, but in the end it was done.

“It’s been an unbelievable season, it’s just been stressful all year, with ups and downs — making mistakes and then getting back to the top and getting the job done.

“I got my job done this weekend, just to get out of trouble, but it feels good.”

Despite benefiting from Aratalo’s penalty, Martins says He didn’t feel ‘lucky’, adding: ‘Honestly, lucky, I don’t know, because I don’t think I was lucky to win the championship.

“I did the job, we Having done this with the team, that’s how we need to think. “

Martins finished the season with 139 points, five ahead of Maloney and seven ahead of No. 3 Billman.

Prema locked up Team champion with 355 points vs. Trident’s 301.



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