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After 'Saturday Night Live' Cancellation, Pete Davidson Hands Out Pizzas to Striking Writers

Pete Davidson showed his support for the shutdown by handing out free pizza to striking workers in New York City on Friday.

The comedian brought some pies from Spumoni Gardens (video below) to the delight of the scribes on the picket line in Brooklyn.

When asked why he was giving up food, Davidson replied, “Got to support the writers…there’s no show without the writers, man.”

Here’s what it looks like:

The year-old comedian was supposed to make his first Hosting Saturday Night Live May 6th, but NBC Late Night Show due to strike Suspended , the show began Tuesday. SNL is currently playing a rerun. Other late night shows include NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and CBS’s Late Show with Stephen Cole Albert also turned black.

Davidson has been supporting his new semi-autobiographical Peacock series, Bupkis, which has been Received mixed reviews from critics.

Earlier this week, the Writers Guild of America called for a 29 first stoppage because they did not do so with films and Studios, represented by the TV Producers Union, have agreed on a series of contract points that unions say are important to the future of their industry. Writers are looking to improve salaries and residuals (particularly from streaming distribution), increase wellness programs, prevent studios from exploiting “mini-rooms” (where writers prepare shows ahead of time), and guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence.




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