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After School's Live-Action Insomnia Movie Trailer Coming in June

live action movie official twitter of) () manga on Wednesday A new trailer and visuals for the film have been released. The trailer reveals the film’s June release date.

——film “君は减ソゃ后゠う” (@kimisomu_movie) January 11, 280

insomniacs©オジロマコト・Elementary School/Picture “Kim Somi” Production Committee

Nana Mori

(live version) and Daiken Okudaira ( Mother, Sōchō Shihatsu no Sappūkei

) star as the two lead Isaki Magari and Ganta Nakami respectively. Chihiro Ikeda (Tokyo Dating, Towako Omameda and Her Three Ex-Husbands, Creepy, Startup Girls)manga is directing. United Productions is planning and producing the project, mangaPony Canyon

is issued.

The manga is set in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and was filmed on location there for about a month between July and August.

Viz Media licensed the manga and will publish it It compiled the volume in early March 12. The company describes the comic: Two sleepless teenagers flee to the school’s observatory When I found family love.

Sleepless at night, Ganta Nakami is cranky in class and unpopular with classmates. Nakami discovers that an observatory once used by a defunct astronomy club might be a good place to take a nap—but he’s not alone. Nakami and his new friend Isaki Magari find comfort in each other while coping with insomnia.

No one is near the Astronomy Tower due to dark rumors about the fate of the last Astronomy Club members. Nakami and his classmate Magari decided this was a refuge for their insomniacs. Unfortunately, school teachers do not allow unapproved use. But if there is a new Astronomy Club…

Ojiro in Shogakukan‘s

MAY MAGAZINE280. Shogakukan published the January issue of the manga



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