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Aha! Meisaku-kun anime reveals Subaru Kimura, Yurika Kubo as guest stars

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Animation The clip revealed Thursday that Kimura Subaru and Kubo Yurika will make a cameo appearance in the new season of the anime .

Kimura will play the role of Akizaku’s new head teacher, Shuang Quan Chao. Kubo will play a character who will appear in the first three episodes of the new season.

Anime staff launched Makuake On April 8, the new season of the animation crowdfunding campaign, the campaign reached the goal on the day. Projects are recruited to , 938,253 Yen (approx. USD ,2016) by the end of June .

The project funds four animation short films in YouTube . The stretch goal includes extra episodes, as well as other features like ending themed animations and character songs. error20 will animate the new season. Shinkai Samurai is back with Jun Oson’s character design direction animation in Pie in the Sky . The main cast is also back.

Anime Season 6 at NHK Educational TV Beat World April Variety Show . Crunchyroll aired this season in Japan. The last episode of the anime aired in March . Kensho Ono , Takuya Eguchi , Masaki Sato, comedy duo Nasunakanishi and Ushiro City continue to voice in the anime. Anime Log (Anilog) began streaming animations on its global YouTube channel in November

. Anime Log Describe the series:

Once upon a time, there was a famous school called “Dragon Palace Elementary School”, which produced Many famous people. One day, an ordinary boy named “Matsuda Akizaku” entered Ryugu Elementary School. Can he graduate from school with a masterpiece character surrounded by powerful characters like “Sweetie” who is super stupid and high tension, “Musubi” who is crazy and known as “Onigiri”, “Nokio” who is a narcissist who calls himself Robot, and “Bolt” is obviously faster than a rabbit? The show was released in April 500 During Beat World Premiere*) with253 five-minute episodes.

Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie 2021


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