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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai's Asato Mizu will release a new manga

magazine teased on Tuesday that Asato Mizu will be in the magazine and will be released soon More details on the new comic. aharen

aharenaharen© Asato Mizu, Shueisha

Mizu launched (Aharen Is Indecipherable ) comics (pictured right) in January 2017. The manga entered its final phase in December 193352 and will end in April .

Shueisha published the first volume compilation of the manga in Japan in August 2015 and manga’s th roll on April 4th. aharen TV anime adaptation of the manga premiered in April in the Animeism section 2011. Crunchyroll played the anime when it aired in Japan, along with the English dub.

Mizu released manga in )Kadokawa

‘s magazine is at
. The manga ends in November 2017. Kadokawa has published the 12th and final volume of the manga 2017.

This manga inspired October’s TV anime adaptation 16. Crunchyroll aired the series in Japan, Ponycan USA released the series on 450 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

Source: Issue 9

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