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'Ahsoka' looks to make Dave Filoni a different force in the 'Star Wars' galaxy

Dave Filoni’s animated corner of the Star Wars universe is working with the Lucasfilm Disney+ series Ahsoka.

This is the point of Soka panel discussion on Saturday

Star Wars Celebration with Danish actor Lars Mikkel Lars Mikkelsen’s reveal culminates from Filoni’s 1500 series, The popular Star Wars villain Marshal Thrawn: Rebels, will reprise the role in the new series.

Ahsoka is Star Wars

The series premiered in August, and Rosario Dawson stars as Ahsoka Tano, a protege of Anakin Skywalker who turns her back on the path of the Jedi. One of the lines in the show is her finding Thrawn.

Lars Mikkelsen will return as ThrawnAhsoka

reveal happened during celebration – only Ahsoka

trailer, blue skin first, red The Imperial Commander of the Eyes, followed by Mikkelsen’s stage entrance. The trailer already has fans screaming; Mikkelsen’s walk on stage has 4, 78 – Mighty Crowd

Thrawn was actually written by writer Timothy Zahn for him in

‘s Star Wars novel creations s but like many non-movie works, this character and His story was rendered non-canonical after Disney acquired Lucasfilm in . Filoni brought this character into the mainstream and back into the canon by making him his big bad in Rebels which is featured on Disney Channel and Disney XD Four seasons aired on .

During the panel, Filoni described the character as a villain in the mold of Sherlock Holmes’ counterpart Moriarty: “He has no Force, but It doesn’t matter. He’s going to outwit you and trap you.” He and Ahsoka executive producer Jon Favreau have been in touch with Zahn, he said, and plan to have a follow-up meeting, “because it’s his business. I Really honored that Lars brought him back to life in this way. We want to make sure we get it right.”

Getting it right is the double blade here. The new show features many elements that Filoni, George Lucas protégé and Star Wars master has woven over the years into a large series. Filoni created Tano and co-created characters like Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla and the robot Chopper in Rebels

. These characters are all making their debuts in high-profile series now, with Ahsoka enjoying mainstream recognition almost on par with most other Star Wars characters. (Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who were also on stage for the panel, played live-action versions of Wren and Syndulla, respectively.)

With those popular animated Elements and thrusting them into live-action and the larger Star Wars mythology can be daunting with fan pressure, but can also be hugely rewarding.

“There is a connection between the audience and the characters,” Favreau noted, speaking of both pleasing existing fans and attracting new ones.

Favreau admitted that bringing the world of Filoni to life is not a long-term plan, but a “long-term hope”.

“I know part of Dave’s plan because he’s testing reality TV,” Favreau said. “There’s a bigger goal, which is to bring the characters to life.”

But the dangers of fandom may be real. BTW, Dawson mentioned that after Ahsoka made her live-action debut in an episode of The Mandalorian

, fans let people know about the character , including the headgear, does not match the anime appearance.

“We heard it,” Dawson said of the complaint. She details how the first look used foam garments that were heavier and more challenging to work with. For the new series, technology has evolved and the show’s makers are able to use 3D printing to provide flexibility and portability.

Dawson told her that the character used to be ‘not a hindrance but a help. “It felt like I had real visual memories to reflect on,” Dawson said.

Filoni, who will direct a live action The film, which ties in cues from the TV show he and Favreau produced together, reflects on how he would lose his mind while talking to Dawson in Ahsoka Gears. It was weird for him to see the character in live action.

Filoni said: “It’s weird. I mean, it’s great. I mean… I don’t know what to think. I’m looking at Got to these people, I wrote them, I drew them, and now they’re there.”



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