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Aki Shimizu's Inu God Re Manga Part 1 Ends

Aki Shimizu

First Ministry ‘s Re manga ended on the LINE Manga service on Tuesday. The first part ends after 284 chapter. The series is based on Po Yuan Ya Ya ) of the manga. Hokazono serialized the original work in Kodansha Manga*) of magazine from 2019 to 284 and volumes . Hokazono later drew a new version of the manga, with the revised title to roll. Manga Planet published Hokazono’s and Doctor Modrid comics in English. Comic PlanetDescription : A story of a dog and a boy, but not as one might imagine. Inugami knows only himself and his past, he has the ability to heal quickly, a blade grows from his back, and somewhere once told him to protect humans. Being surrounded by humans who yearn for his powers for their own ulterior purposes makes him question the use of protecting such a terrifying species…until he stumbles upon young Fumiki in an abandoned building and became his friend. Baoyuan Celebration Re’s tweeted the first part and teased the new story of humans and dogs and the story going into the next phase.

Re The first compilation of the manga was shipped in Japan in October 2022 and the third volume was shipped in March


Shimizu drew the manga adaptation of Kyogoku Xia Yan ‘s , Kyōkotsu no Yume, Ubume no Natsu, Ubume no Natsu, and The Weaving of Tensuo Novels based on Bara Jūji Sōsho (Rozen Kreuz series) series. , the second novel, ends with CLAMP( 2009, and original video animations in

. Shimizu released a new manga 2019 based on the novel series in the fall. Source : LINE Manga


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