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Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

Alberta Ferretti calls women her muses: “I don’t get inspired by looking at movie stars or any other glamorous person, past or present,” she says. “I watch real women and watch how they live; I love reading about how times are changing and how what I do makes sense in today’s world.” Expanding her product range has been a recent focus of hers, trying to She’s shedding the ethereal party dresses she’s become famous for, and incorporating more consistent everyday options in her collection.

Struggling to balance pragmatism and romanticism wasn’t always a straightforward line for Ferretti; for pre-fall, though they seemed more convincing. She moved away from sexy lingerie looks, a current trend she actually embraced early on, and contrasted them with tough leather coats or masculine cut suits. “They call me the slip dress queen,” she joked, pointing to a sheath dress in liquid white satin with lace detailing, paired with a muscular black leather trench coat. On the same note, a sturdy biker jacket was worn over off-center fringe flares, while slim-fit black leather trousers contrasted with a carefully embellished patent crochet top.

On the tailoring side, tailoring is softened through the use of jewel-toned velvets and smooth dark fabrics; Poet blouses with Chantilly lace peeking through their coats added a touch of romance Ferretti favors. “I see romance as a strength, not a weakness,” she said. “That’s what makes a woman attractive and unique.” Indeed. In a world where it is harder than ever to believe in dreams, maybe fashion can help us express who we are with our fantasies and imaginations.



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