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Aldon Baker Starts His Own Bicycle Company Alcavi

The following press release is from Alcavi Bicycles:

Clermont, FL – Alcavi Bicycles, a brand born from the passion and experience of two sporting legends, is set to have a major impact on the cycling industry with its highly anticipated launch. Co-founded by Aldon Baker and Alfredo Campo, Alcavi has entered the market with world-renowned research and design sure to impress cyclists and athletes alike.

Aldon Baker, retired top MTB world athlete and professional racing training legend, revolutionized the Supercross and Motocross industry. Baker’s knowledge and undeniable training program have resulted in 16 championships in the past 22 Monster Energy Supercross series, in addition to 13 top AMA Motocross titles.

In addition to his honors, Baker has also won the MotoGP World Championship with Nicky Hayden, as well as numerous appearances on the world stage with athlete-turned-business-partner Alfredo Campo. Campo, a 2-time BMX Olympian, PanAm Games gold medalist and world champion athlete, began his relationship with Aldon Baker in 2015. It wasn’t long before a vision was born to combine their profession with their passion, and the wheels were in motion to design the bike of their dreams.

Baker and Campo started development in 2018. With years of experience and thousands of miles on two wheels, the duo have come together to build a bike that is backed by the high-quality standards and attention to detail that two athletes have ever achieved in their careers. They are now ready to share Alcavi with the world and support even more athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

Alcavi’s much-anticipated debut comes with the release of its long-established product, the Alcavi V1. Designed with Baker’s Factory’s award-winning DNA, the Alcavi V1 comes prepackaged in a unique triangular case that takes just minutes to assemble. A T1000 carbon fiber frameset with high tensile strength and high modulus combined with a NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) wing provides class-leading aerodynamics and responsiveness. Equipped with the iCR (Internal Cable Routing) system on every model to reduce windage and drag, the Alcavi V1 delivers the best experience to maximize efficiency with every pedal stroke. In addition, it features a ROLLA [R] wheel set with a unique 28mm width and 45mm depth rim, DT SWISS HUBS, 28c PIRELLI P-Zero tires. Alcavi V1 offers three build options.

“During my career I have had the privilege of working with many of the top bike brands and from all that experience this bike was born. Hope to let more athletes and cycling enthusiasts own this bike.

“When Aldon and I started envisioning what our dream bike would look like, we started with Never thought it would lead us to where we are today. Alcavi V1 turned a dream into reality and we want to share it with as many people as possible. Cycling can truly change lives, just as it has for us”, said Alfredo Campo, who 2-time Olympic athlete and co-founder of Alcavi.

Alcavi will also provide cycling gear, water bottles and merchandise. With the tagline #GetsYouThere, Alcavi strives to inspire users to achieve their goals with a bike that strikes the perfect balance between style and performance.

Alcavi launches its official website on November 15, 2022, starting with a direct-to-consumer business model. After the initial launch, Alcavi will be open to working directly with bike shops and dealers who align with Alcavi’s vision.

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