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Alémais Australia Resort 2024

A first-ever solo show that won a Fashion Week debut represents a strong vote of confidence. This morning in Sydney, the force behind Australian Fashion Week had confidence in Lesleigh Jermanus, who chose to line up her label, Alémais, immediately after the Welcome to Country opening.

Jermanus, former backstage intern It was this event and recently an alumnus of Zimmermann who launched her brand at 2020. Its puff-sleeved maxi dresses, flowy midi skirts and other summer silhouettes are straight out of bohemian style; beautiful patterns and compelling prices – Alémais also claims to emphasize sustainability – have quickly And has deservedly generated a passionate fan base and impressive wholesale reach.

Talking backstage to her toddler son Bowie, Jermanus stares her hip eyes wide, saying the series arose from repeated viewings 1985 No one praised The sequel to Return To Oz . In addition to loving the film’s extravagance, she says, “I started thinking about everyone’s yellow brick road, all the different references and all the different people and places we meet along the way.” Designers were free to roam among floral collections spanning multiple time periods, including graphic collaborations with three artists: Jedda Daisy Culley, Meagan Boyd and Yvan Guillo.

Smocked prairie dress, bustier maxi dress, leg of lamb accordion pleat dress, shift miniskirts (one in white diamond check cutout bioleather), floral shorts and jumpsuit oversized suits, shirts and wide-leg trousers (a set in faux leather Sicilian orange pulp viscose), ruffled shoulder dresses with fringed hems and etched flowers, gown dresses and strapless sheath evening dresses The gown showed up on the often depressingly dim runway. The patterns, whether printed or embroidered, are equally diverse thanks to the collaborative chorus. According to seasoned Alémais watchers, tailoring and eveningwear were new to the brand. Minimalist in nearly every way, this time-traveling bohemian broadside — filled with a plethora of purr symbols and more — proved catnip for adoring and shamelessly partisan audiences: Alémais is called , and timely delivery. For a first show, this looks like fun, like a universe-ordered, super-confident, maybe a little too long future bests album.



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