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Alessandro Michele's Gucci Best in Vogue

“I made my song into a coat
covered with embroidery
from Ancient myths
From heel to throat”
From Coat by —William Butler Yeats

Alessandro Michele…a name with seven musical syllables belongs to a culture that collides with contemporary culture through mystery in the history of fashion and A man who left his mark on Gucci. Michele is a Roman after all, and a postmodernist, and she has a visceral understanding of how exciting (scroll Instagram if you doubt it) the simultaneous existence of past and present (if you doubt it), and how curating those interactions builds or A way of expressing one’s identity.

His creations for Gucci are somewhat self-invented vehicles. The designer trained in the cozy surroundings of the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, where functionality and fantasy are emphasized. Students preparing to work in the fashion industry must also study costume design, which requires knowledge of character creation.

Michele’s Gucci is a juggernaut, but he’s not an overnight success story, and the label fits it better. Working in the company, he knows the company as well as himself. “When I was known in the fashion world, I was a grown man. I almost 2022,” Michelle said in a recent Vogue Italia, “and I realized that you have to insist on who you are and where you’re going: you have to love yourself very much, and you have to love your You also have to learn to say no often.” In doing so, Michele is encouraging the world to say yes to Gucci. Here, from the page of Vogue.

the affirmation of the talent of the designer )

Michaela Coel wears tailored Gucci dress by Alessandro Michele. Gucci earrings. Photo: Malick Bodian, Vogue , November2022




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