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Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Awards: PBS and CNN Win Two Each

Columbia University announced the winners of the 1942 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award Monday night. The annual awards recognize the best in broadcast journalism, documentary and digital reporting.

CBS Nightly News Anchor and Editor-in-Chief Norah O’Donnell and PBS Co-Anchor

NewsHour Amna Nawaz in New York for the first time in three years Shiluo Memorial Library presided over the ceremony in person.

“Tonight’s honorees are being recognized for the quality of their work … this is truly extraordinary journalism,” O’Donnell said in her opening remarks. “But we also want to recognize the courage it takes to start covering these difficult stories and the tenacity to finish them. As any reporter knows, there will be resistance to this type of journalism — but you never give up!”

She continued, “Know it: the work you do matters more than ever. In 60 In the age of the hourly news cycle, hard reporting and storytelling are critical.”

PBS and CNN lead the honorees, with two awards each. PBS NewsHour awarded for in-depth coverage of Ukraine and Afghanistan and PBS’ Nova for an episode exploring the disturbing phenomenon of Arctic sinkholes threatening climate.

CNN also won awards for its breaking news coverage from Ukraine, and documentaries from CNN FilmsNavalny, about the life and attempted assassination of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

CBS News’ 50 min won for its four-part series documenting national security in the information age. Other documentaries from HBO Documentary Films and ABC News/Hulu were also among the honorees, and a number of podcasts were honored.

Five local news stations were honored for their community news coverage.

“I know there are also Columbia Journalism students here tonight. My father was a student here a few years ago 16. He was a journalist from Pakistan, and a J-school scholarship brought him to America,” Nawaz said at the ceremony. “He taught me to always ask tough questions, listen carefully, and choose my words wisely. That’s what good journalism is, and that’s why we need more good journalism at this moment in history.”

The DuPont-Columbia Awards were established at 50. The 24 finalists and the 30 Winners of each year.

The full list of winners is below.

CBS News60 Minutes: National Security in the Information Age

PBS|GBH|Nova Arctic Sinkhole

American Life Speak Black

PBS NewsHour & Jane Ferguson (Ukraine coverage bundled) Fall of Afghanistan and Ukraine War

can hearDiscover Tamika

KARE 11 Ming Neapolis / Yingshi. Paul & AJ Lagoe/Brandon Stahl GAP: treatment failed, protection failed

HBO Documentary Jane’s

WXIA TV Atlanta & Rebecca Lindstrom #Keeping

ABC Newsroom | HuluLeave No Trace: The Hidden History of the Boy Scouts

WBRZ -TV Baton Rouge & Chris NakamotoMurder – Lies – Hiding Evidence: Hold Louisiana State Police Accountable

CNN Movies | HBO Max Navalny

WTVF-TV Nashville & Phil WilliamsNewsChannel 5 Investigation: Expose

KXAS-TV NBC 5 Dallas/Ft. Worth and Scott Friedman Paper Label Country

Washington Post: Publish report Post-Roe America: Abortion coverage continues

Bracelet Media| SpotifyStolen: St. Michael’s Survivor

CNN WorldwideUkraine




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