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Ali Wong and Steven Yeun to Exec Produce Road Rage Drama 'Beef'

If Ali Wong and Steven Yeun have beef , it’s just on the camera. The two co-star in Netflix’s upcoming comedy-drama Beef, about Two people were consumed by retaliation after a road rage incident.

You write, you look, and how you direct yourself,” Wong, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, told The Hollywood Reporter at the Los Angeles premiere of Beef on Thursday night. “So, working with people It’s really scary and I only choose to work with people who I absolutely adore and admire and enjoy being with on and off the camera. I think that’s the best part, because I sure as hell can’t do the show on my own. ”

Yeun, who started out as a comedy, goes back to his roots against Wong, who rose to prominence as a stand-up comedian with a Netflix special Little Cobra

and Hard Knock Wife. Nope star also executive produced the show.

“What’s so important to us as an EP is being able to really have a voice, to really be able to be our character,” Yeun said. “Also, being in a position—sometimes, you explain — but you’re trying to create a situation where you don’t have to explain it on camera. I think there’s good behind the scenes and behind the scenes for that. “

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong at the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix’s “Beef” Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix


Before becoming a show, Beef story was born when creator

Lee Sung Jin got road rage while stuck in LA traffic At the time, he wasn’t thinking about turning the experience into a series.

“Until I sat down with Ravi Nandan, who was a The head of 03 TV, I Just telling him the story,” recalls Lee. “I didn’t even sell anything. He really encouraged me to explore this further, so we wouldn’t be here without it. “


Li Chengzhen, Ali Wong and Steven Yeun JC Olivera/Getty Images

“I’ve known Steven for many years,” he added of Yeun. ” He is a good friend. We’re always trying to find things we can do together. I think he is the most talented actor working today. So when he had a spark with that, it was really exciting. “

As for Wong, the creators didn’t know the comedian before


, but met her while working on the animated sitcom Tuca & Bertie. “She was so commanding and precise on stage ,” Lee said. “I’m so eager to see her put her dramatic stamp on the world. ”

While the series has yet to confirm a second season, the Beef team Hopeful for the future of the series.

“When we promoted the show, we really positioned it as a limited anthology series,” Lee explained. ” Fingers crossed. I hope people enjoy this show and we can make more. “

“I hope so,” Yeun added. “Tell your friends!” “


also stars Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe, Ashley Park and Patti Yasutake, premiering April 6 on Netflix.



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