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Alison Goldfrapp on Her New Disco Album and Embracing Retro Chic

Here, Goldfrapp tells us about the origins of The Love Invention, how its trippy visuals came together, and Why she will always be a fan of retro fashion.


Hi Alison! Now that the album is coming out, how do you feel?

Alison Goldfrapp: Launch weeks are always very An intense week – plus, I’m about to perform, so I’m extra nervous. I’m rehearsing right now and I’m still thinking about what I’m going to wear. So, yeah, it’s crazy right now, but I’m really looking forward to getting out there and playing records.

Did you walk out of a long-standing wish, or did you suddenly have a flash of inspiration when you decided to do it?

I think this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And you know, weirdly, in some ways, it didn’t feel any different because Will [Gregory] and I never toured together, so it was always just me on the road. But at the same time, it does feel completely different. It’s weird, but it’s also a good feeling. I’m not sure if I really didn’t have the time before, or if I didn’t quite know what to do. Maybe I don’t feel confident enough. Interestingly, I think locking might help a lot. I’d really like to work with other people, and lockdown is a great time to experiment and see what happens. I built a small studio at home, which allowed me to try some new things without too much pressure because no one was going anywhere or doing anything. At first, the idea was just to do an EP, and then it grew. There’s no definite point where I say, “I’m going to be alone,” you know? Things don’t happen that way. It evolved.

How has working from your home studio changed your process?

I guess it’s just me being alone in a room and feeling less self-conscious, I guess. I can hang out for hours and hours and hours without feeling like I’m sick of other people’s tits. [laugh. ] So this is helpful.



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