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Alison Roman's cooking show jumps from CNN+ to CNN fall premiere

Another previous CNN+ series found a new home.

CNN will debut new original series (more than) cooking show with Alison Roman this fall , the channel said. The series will see Roman travel through New York and Italy, learn about some of her favorite ingredients, and share how to cook it.

Roman, chef and cookbook author, worked at Bon Appétit and The New York Times , but she also built a brand through her social media and YouTube channels. CNN announced her CNN+ pickup ahead of the streaming service’s launch. It’s unclear when or when Roman’s show will air on CNN, though the channel has worked hard to reimagine its Sunday lineup, which could be a potential landing spot.

The series is produced by Zero Point Zero Productions, the company behind CNN’s most famous original series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown . They also produced another CNN Travels, Nomad with Carlton McCoy , and a Netflix food and travel series Somebody Feed Phil.

Roman is the latest CNN+ series Finding a New Home following the closure of CNN’s new owner, Warner Bros. Discovery It went down less than a month after launching in April .

Another flagship show of CNN+, the interview show Who is talking to Chris Wallace? will be streamed on HBO Max and condensed Sunday night on CNN’s linear channel best version. Meanwhile, and Bill Weir’s Wonder List has moved to the Discovery+ streaming service.

It’s unclear if there are any other CNN+ series, including projects in development, including NYU professor and podcast host Scott Galloway, as well as former NBA players and social media Media personalities, Rex Chapman, are all set to find new homes at the company.

“I’m excited to share this show with the world — finally,” Roman said in a statement. “Having a home at CNN is a real dream and it would be even better to have the opportunity to work with ZPZ to bring this concept to life. We are all so excited to reimagine what a cooking show can be, create new things and enjoy the most Good times.”

“Alison’s passion for the culinary arts is contagious; adds Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development at CNN Worldwide, whether it’s her crispy leek spring Chicken or shallot pasta recipe, you all just want to cook with her.” In (More Than) A Cooking Show Invite Alison into kitchens across the country to introduce CNN viewers to new dishes and flavors from her travels to create and taste delicious food. ”



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