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'All America' Shocker: Tay Diggs Leaves CW Drama

Taye Diggs leftAll American building.

Actor who played Billy Baker from The CW

CW late13 was released, which was shockingly eliminated from the February 2018 episode.

“It has been a privilege to have worked with Taye over the past five seasons and watched him bring the character of Billy Baker to such an incredible life,” the show Host Nkechi Okoro Carroll said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “For me and my fellow writers, it was truly a gift to write a character who was both flawed and heroic. Billy being all of us, watching this character in the What a joy it has been for him to grow up as a big family raising kids and football players. We wish Taye all the best in the next chapter of his life, he remains All American Beloved member of the family, so you haven’t seen the last of Billy Baker.”

In the “Time” In the episode, Diggs’ Billy accepts the head coaching job at GAU, where he’ll be reunited with Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and his son, Jordan (Michael Evan Spelling). After a demonstration for the college coaches, the bus carrying Billy, Arthur (Cody Christian) and Jabari (Simon Deiss) and the team crashes after a flat tire. After Billy and the team got out of the car, the coach realized that Jabari was missing and went back to find him. While viewers were left wondering about Jabari’s fate, the final scene of the episode revealed that Billy didn’t survive. As for Spencer, he learned of Billy’s fate when he heard Billy’s father figure and the voicemail left by his former coach after he rejected his call.

Diggs has been in the cast of All American

for five full seasons. The series, one of the CW’s highest-rated series, has been renewed for a sixth season . The series, produced by executive producer Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. TV, is the first to be renewed under the CW’s new owner, Nexstar, as sources say, with new leadership in mind, The network group may not include a handful of original American scripts. Make the network profitable for the first time. Under previous owners CBS Studios and Warner Bros. TV – who each retain a 12.5% stake in the network – the creation of The CW was In order to sell content to streamers globally. However, with the launch of HBO Max and Paramount+, the network’s business model changed, and both studios spun off the network after it became more important to keep domestic and international streaming rights to The CW fare in-house.

Meanwhile, Diggs recently reenacted his The Best Man: The Final Chapters

at Peacock role in and calculated Broadway’s rent and feature How Stella got back to normal in Stage credits in his lengthy list of movies, TV and films. He also recently hosted the Hulu dating competition series Back in the Groove.



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