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All I Want Is for Britney Spears to Get Her Post-Breakup Horse

It’s been yet another turbulent news cycle for Britney Spears, as it was recently announced that she and her husband of just over a year, Sam Asghari, were in the process of splitting. Asghari was the one to file for divorce, and he’s reportedly been threatening Spears with the release of “extraordinarily embarrassing information” about her if she doesn’t renegotiate the terms of the couple’s prenup—all of which would be enough to fell your average mortal. Spears, however, has been through worse, and she once again proved her resilience with a recent Instagram post announcing—what else?—her desire for a horse. Witness the majesty of the post for yourself, below:

I don’t want to romanticize what must be a painful time for Spears, but also, how deeply iconic is it to respond to rumors of your recent ex’s betrayal with a photo of yourself on horseback? Spears wants to name her horses “Sophie” and “Roar,” but personally, I don’t care what she calls them: I just want her to enter her ranch queen era, complete with the pink cowboy hat of her dreams.

Hopefully Asghari backs off and leaves Britney alone, to paraphrase Chris Crocker, but if he does continue to harass his ex-wife, it makes me feel better to think she’ll be healing in the company of Sophie and Roar. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken reboot starring Britney Spears, when? (Seriously, I would pay a lot of money for someone to remake that movie.)



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