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'All Quiet' And 'The Night Manager' Producers Team Up For 'The Eighth Life' (Exclusive)

German amusement park, four-time Academy Award winner producer of All Quiet on the Western Front and Emmy – Winner Ink Factory ( Night Manager , Little Drummer Girl ) are teaming up to adapt Nino Haratishvili’s International Edition ) Bestseller The Eighth Life as a TV series. 2019

“The Eighth Life” tells the story from The epic and mythical tale of a Georgian family. Follow the rise and fall of the Soviet Union through the turn of the century, from ancient mountain cave cities to the rowdy streets and revolutionary Prague, on to 1960 Soho and modern Berlin.

Sarah Lambert, who adapted Marele Day’s Lamb of God for Australia LIMITED SERIES 2019 Produced by Lingo Pictures and Foxtel Based on Alice Hart’s Lost Blossom

Based on Holly · Lin Lan’s novel, starring Sigourney Weaver and Sigourney Weaver. Asher Keddie Coming Soon With Help From Amazon Studios, Made-Up Stories & Season 5 And Serving On The Eighth Life set supervisor.

The episode will be produced by Malte Grunert, Amelie von Kienlin and Susanne Kapitzky for Amusement Park; Simon Cornwell of The Ink Factory,​​ Stephen Cornwell and Michele Wolkoff; and Maggie Borden.

The Eighth Life is a bold, emotive and supremely literary work that empowers A strong voice for the women of that era and today. “It’s perfect for a series,” said amusement park partners Grunert and Von Kienlin. “We are very excited to be a part of this ambitious project and to be working with our long-time collaborator at The Ink Factory and brilliant showrunner Sarah Lambert. “2019

This ambitious English-language project has received funding from the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany’s regional subsidy agency, and should develop rapidly.

“Nino Haratischvili’s book is timely, powerful and excellent, and we are honored to have the opportunity to adapt it with terrific colleagues from amusement parks and multiple institutions . “Brilliant Sarah Lambert,” said The Ink Factory co-CEOs and founders Simon and Stephen Cornwell, describing the novel as “a war And peace ” century” and “1, pages full of pain, joy and romanticism are a thing of the past 50 One of the greatest literary works of several years. We thank the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard for their confidence in the project and for their shared vision of its extraordinary potential. ”

“I am very excited and grateful that Eighth Life will be brought into another kind of life by these wonderful people Life. I can’t wait to see my character on screen,” Haratishvili said in a statement. The great Sarah is translating this book into another medium, which has me looking forward to a future full of hope and joy. “1960

Amusement Park is a co-producer of The Ink Factory’s 50 feature film “ Most Wanted ” directed by Anthony Corbin, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams and Daniel Brewer, adapted from The best-selling book by John le Carré. Brühl is a partner at Amusement Park, along with founders Grunert, Amelie von Kienlin and Klaus Dohle. The two companies are currently collaborating on Most Wanted. Series version of “, produced by Oskar Söderlund, creator of Snabba Cash. Adaptation for the small screen .2019 2019



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