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All the highlights from the fashion world at Milan Design Week 2023

The house of Dior teamed up with legendary French designer Philippe Starck for the first time last year to reimagine the classic Louis XVI Medallion chair – the A style that has become the brand’s signature – in smooth, polished aluminium. (The delicate beauty of the end result has earned it the title of the “Miss Dior” armchair.) This year, they took over the Citterio Palace in the heart of the Brera district, revitalizing this creative collision of ideas, and they are not only here An entirely new design was introduced – of course Monsieur Dior, named after the great couturier himself – but presented in a more theatrical setting. As viewers enter the darkened display space, semicircular walls covered with LED screens are illuminated by the blueprint-like silhouettes of the chairs’ curves and lines, and then dozens of the chairs themselves are lowered into the space by hanging ropes, floating like Down like a flock of birds. The sense of drama and grandeur is pure Dior.


By Byredo

Ben Gorham was responsible for much of the philosophy at Byredo, the boutique fragrance house that quickly blossomed into luxury A quiet power player in the world of scents, rooted in his innate understanding of the memory-evoking power of smell. The same goes for Bal d’Afrique, one of the first fragrances Gorham developed, more specifically inspired by his father’s journals from his travels in Africa. With the fragrance’s 15 anniversary approaching, Gorham enlisted multimedia artist Dozie Kanu to create the brand’s first project for Milan Design Week, essentially giving the artist carte blanche Forge whatever he wants—and in turn lead Kanu on a journey through his own family’s history. The Houston-born artist took various cues from Ghanaian photographic negatives collected by the Saman Archives, Senegalese architecture, and explorations of his own Nigerian roots. The result is a large site-specific work of unusual detail, drawn from Floor lamps made from drum and washing machine parts, massive walls in painted wicker and steel topped with glass bricks. The end result is as striking and expressive as the fragrance itself.

La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ Wallpaper At the Apophis Club. Photo: Mariela Medina




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