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All the Hollywood Stars Want a Picture With the Biggest Star of All: Godzilla

It’s awards season in Hollywood, and one film in particular has surprised many in both its popularity and its prominence in the awards circuit: . The film has been nominated for the Visual Effects Society’s VES Awards and the 71st Golden Reel Awards. And of course, the recent nomination for Best Visual Effects at the Oscars — the first time a Japanese film had even been shortlisted for the category, let alone nominated.

In Japan too, the film was nominated for Best Picture for the 47th Japan Academy Film Prizes.

And while the film did not win at the 29th Critics’ Choice Awards on January 14, it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. Director Takashi Yamazaki attended the award ceremony, bringing along a trusty Godzilla figure. And based on his Twitter posts from the event, it seems as though he and his Godzilla were what all the stars were flocking to, including:

Steven Yeun

Robert De Niro

Mark Ruffalo

Harrison Ford

Cillian Murphy

Robert Downey Jr. (OK admittedly there’s no Godzilla in this one but look how happy Yamazaki is)

And honestly, if you haven’t seen the video of Yamazaki and his staff reacting to the news of the Oscar nomination, you need to watch it. The joy is infectious:

Time will tell if Yamazaki will bring his Godzilla figure to the Oscars ceremony as well, which takes place on March 10.

The film just ended its run in the United States on Thursday, and Yamazaki was moved by the goodbyes the film received from U.S. fans:

According to Box Office Mojo, the film earned US$56,418,793 in the U.S., and has earned more than US$100 million worldwide. The film has become the third highest-grossing foreign-language film of all time in the United States.

Source: Takashi Yamazaki‘s Twitter account



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