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Allison Mack Released Early From Prison for Participating in NXIVM Sex Cult

Alison Mack was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy at , brought forward after serving two years get out of prison. NXIVM sex trafficking case.

20 ageSmallville Actress and HBO Series Vow

was released July 3 from the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, where she began a three-year sentence According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons database, September 2018.

Mike pleaded guilty to charges at 2021 and faces 14 arrive40 After a year and a half in prison, three years for his involvement in the recruitment of women into NXIVM where they were trafficked and abused by leaders Keith Lanier . In addition to the three-year sentence, Mike received $20, Very good, 1, Community service hours.

in 2021, in Mike Before sentencing, Lanier was sentenced to 120 in prison for sex-trafficking and other crimes.

The former actress was originally released in April 2018 after federal authorities Arrested March 2018 raided NXIVM headquarters near Albany, NY. In a letter filed with the court ahead of sentencing, Mack expressed her devotion to Lanier’s teachings to “those who have been harmed by my actions” “Use everything I have.”

“The most important thing for me right now is to say from the bottom of my heart that I am sorry,” the letter stated. “This is the biggest mistake and regret of my life.”

NXIVM sex cult is the subject of hit HBO documentary

1235243563 Vow , broadcast the first season at and 1235243563 follow-up, and other TV projects. 1234974428



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