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Aluna talks about her new album “MYCELiUM” and how she designed her Green Locs

Texture Diary is a space for Black people from all walks of life to reflect on their journey of self-love, and how to embrace them The hair plays a key role in this process. Each week, they share their favorite hair-care rituals, products, and the most important lessons they’ve learned about affirming their own beauty and owning their own unique hair texture.

It’s been three years since British DJ and dance musician Aluna dropped her first solo project Renaissance, An experimental project aimed at pushing the boundaries of dance music is conceived. Now, Aluna brings us another motion-stimulating gift: her second album MYCELiUM. “This album really feels like the pinnacle moment on the dance floor,” said Aluna — known for songs like “Kaleidoscopic Love” during her time as part of the dance duo AlunaGeorge, as well as the songs she collaborated with. The hit song “Together”. Kate Tranada – Says. “It’s less about experimentation and more about full-body height. It’s the part of the night where you lose your inhibitions. There’s nothing messy about it.” 14 Repertoire projects include vibrant Her racy music isn’t the only thing that will keep you going. Her green braids will also make you want to have more hair fun.

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