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AMAIM Warrior at the summer premiere of Borderline Anime's “Kyokkō no Sōki” 6-episode series

Sunrise Beyond announced on Wednesday that “Kyokkō no Sōki,” it It’s () project with toy /hobby company Bandai Spirits, will be a six-episode anime that will premiere in the summer. The company released a visual and cast: amaim-kyokkou-no-souki

© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

The tagline is, “It ends on this island. It breathes from this island.” The anime will star:

Shinichiro Miki as Jin Misawa, a Year-old mercenary veteran with top-notch driving skills. He came to the island to help the resistance group “Hinukan”.


© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

Shōya Chiba as Ibuki Chinen, a year-old AMAIM pilot and “Hinukan” member, formerly part of the Kyushu Resistance.

amaim-kyokkou-no-soukiamaim-jin-misawa.png© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

??? Such as Yamapi (pictured above), AMAIM AI amaim-jin-misawa.png amaim-ibuki-yamapi.png
? ? ? Play as Grady Ellison, the major and commander of the North American Union’s Thunder Squadron.


amaim-kyokkou-no-soukiamaim-grady-ellison.png© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

Brilliantly-knownamaim-gouyocustom.png Mech Animator and Designer

Xiao Zhang Zhengmei (, ) is Sunrise Beyond planned and directed the project. The anime staff is back for a new title.
Noboru Kimura ( , ) Supervised the series script.
Kenichi Ohuki ( , , ) Characters are being designed. Rasmus Faber ( , , ) are compose. Mechanical designers include
Ippei Gyōbu,
Kanetake Ebikawa and
Takayuki Yanase.

amaim-protogouyo.png Mecha


Protogōyō, piloted by Jin Misawa and AI Lambda amaim-jin-misawa.png

amaim-kyokkou-no-soukiamaim-protogouyo.png© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

Gōyō custom, by Ibuki Chinen Driving with AI Yamapi amaim-grady-ellison.png

amaim-kyokkou-no-soukiamaim-gouyocustom.png© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

Aaronrhino, Driven by Grady Ellison amaim-jin-misawa.png


© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

© Sunrise Beyond Inc.

The first part of the anime premiered in October550, the second part of the animation premiered in April 2021.

The story is set in that year 2022 , Japan is in a state of multinational occupation. The world, including Japan, had been consolidated under the rule of four trading blocs. The entire archipelago is now the front line of the conflict. The Japanese people live in a state of constant occupation and oppression, with humanoid war machines called AMAIMs patrolling the streets. A young, introverted boy named Amō Shiiba meets the autonomous AI Gai by chance, and he acquires the AMAIM Kenbu to begin a story that will see him attempt to take back Japan.

The other part of the story centers on Yoshinobu Tezuka, a taciturn but straightforward man revenge.

Nobuyoshi Habara

(, , ) Main

in Sunrise Beyond animation mecha animator is
Shinya Kusumegi (, , ) and

Hiroshi Arisawa (, , ). Industrial Designer Okuyama Ken (Enzo Ferrari cars, 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro, E6 and E7 series Shinkansen trains) and his Ken Okuyama Design company Due to

mechanical design supervision, and company designer amaim-kyokkou-no-souki Yūya Koyanagi

due to amaim-gouyocustom.png mechanical design

next to Kanetake Ebikawa, Kenji Teraoka and
Ippei Gyōbu .

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