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Amazon launches Kindle Scribe with pen input

Amazon today announced the Kindle Scribe, the company’s largest Kindle yet, and the first to use stylus input for reading and writing on the go.

Amazon announces Kindle Scribe with pen input

Kindle Scribe has a large 10.2-inch matte touchscreen Paperwhite display . The device includes a standard pen that attaches magnetically to the side of the device when not in use. You can also choose an optional premium pen, which has an eraser on the other end and a shortcut button for switching between pens, highlighters, and more.

Kindle Scribe supports adding handwritten notes to the Use Notes feature. Notes are automatically arranged by book and can also be synced across devices. The device also includes note-taking and journaling, with templates for lined paper, blank paper, to-do lists, and more. Notes can be organized and searched by folders, as well as synced.

You can also send PDF files to your device to mark or sign them, And insert sticky notes in Microsoft Word documents. The option to send documents directly to Kindle Scribe via Word will arrive 2023.

Other than that, the Kindle Scribe is more or less a big Kindle Oasis, the only difference being the lack of page-turn buttons and water resistance.

Kindle Scribe will be available at 16/001/10GB variant, starting with $721 Use a standard pen.




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