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Amazon Studios plans to easily showcase Ring surveillance footage

Nice ring? —

Companies with significant lens sharing issues want to do more, but it’s fun.

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Amazon's combining its endless reach with its constant surveillance—but for laughs.

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Amazon combines its endless influence with Continuous monitoring combined – but for laughs. Getty Images

For some, the term “ring state” may evoke the An unwarranted surveillance dystopia overseen by a giant corporation that cannot. To MGM, an Amazon, Ring Nation is a short-form show hosted by comedian Wanda Sykes, featuring dancing delivery men and adorable pets.

Deadline reports that the show will premiere on September 26, is “the latest example of Amazon’s corporate synergy.” Amazon owns home video security brand Ring, Hollywood studio MGM and Ring Nation

Virus captured by doorbell camera The video has been on fire for a while. You can see them on late-night talk shows, the r/CaughtOnRing subreddit, and the For You page of millions of TikTok users. Amazon’s media properties, perhaps sensing an opportunity to capitalize on and soften Ring’s image, are launching official branded products. Ring Country will feature “Neighbors Save Neighbors, Marriage Proposals, Army Reunions and Stupid Animals” Deadline wrote. But Ring Country According to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff, the goal may be higher – to provide something close to relief for our deeply divided nation.

“Bringing new communities together is our core mission at Ring , and Ring Nation offers friends and family a fun new way to enjoy each other’s time,” Siminoff told Deadline. “We are delighted that Wanda Sykes is joining Ring Nation to share unforgettable moments with our audience.”

Ring’s sharing of its owner’s moments with other viewers has always been a contentious issue. The surveillance company recently admitted that police had access to Ring’s recordings for “urgent” requests without users’ consent. Ring works with more than 600 law enforcement agencies to encourage the installation of Ring in the community and make it easier for police to obtain footage. Since then, Ring has made it easier to opt out of police requests. Ring owners already have a way through Neighbors The low-key way the app shares clips, mostly criminals or alleged crimes. Doing this basically shows your location on a granular level. In response to past congressional inquiries, Ring said users were responsible for violations of their neighbors’ privacy, noting that this included stickers and signs that comply with certain state public recording policies. Ring Nation Producer Big Fish is also the producer of Live Police, Police Ride – Episode cancelled after George Floyd killing sparks protests , but the show has recently resumed.



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