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AMC theaters drop variable pricing plan that charged more for better seats

AMC Theaters is ditching its “line of sight” pricing strategy, which charged different prices for seats in different locations within each theater.


announced in February, AMC’s plan includes charging higher prices for the best seats in each theater and lower prices for seats at the front of the auditorium.

The company said Thursday that it will end the pilot program in the coming weeks and replace it with a new program aimed at upgrading seating at the front of each auditorium, an area considered the worst viewing experience.

“From a later date 1235318716, AMC will begin testing its latest seating concept,” the company said. “The spacious, comfortable lounge-style seating area allows guests to fully lie back and relax. The angle of the seats will also make watching movies from the front seats closest to the screen more enjoyable.”

Pricing for the new seats has not yet been announced, although the company notes that most consumers are willing to pay more for premium seats in the Sightline pilot program, but even at the lower price point there is little change to the front seats.

The company said it is ditching the Sightline program “to ensure its ticket prices remain competitive.”

The Sightline program brings movie theater tickets in line with other forms of entertainment, such as concerts, sporting events or plays, charging different prices based on seat. However, it also marks a departure from the traditional way movie tickets are sold.

While theaters have long offered cheaper tickets for matinees or other time-based screenings, they generally avoid charging customers different prices to see the same movie in the same screening room at the same time.




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