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AMD Zen 5 Architecture Leak Reveals 22-30% IPC Gain And Larger L1, Unified L2 And Possibly Shared L4 Cache For APUs

AMD's Zen 5 is codenamed AMD's Zen 5 is codenamed
AMD’s Zen 5 is codenamed “Granite Ridge”. (Source: AMD)

RedGamingTech’s Paul revealed an update on AMD’s Zen 5 CPU architecture for 2024. According to the leaker, Zen 5 could feature a double-digit IPC boost, larger L1 cache, and 8 cores per CCX. Most of these specs seem to confirm what Paul mentioned earlier.

(Source: RedGamingTech)

AMD reveals Zen 5 CPUs in 2022 and “Strix Point” APUs in 2024 year released. Rumors suggest that Zen 5 will feature a hybrid architecture similar to Intel’s recent efforts. Additionally, Zen 5 CPUs are reported to bring up to 30% IPC gains over Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 chips. In addition to the Intel Arrow Lake details, RedGamingTech has now expanded on his previous claims about AMD’s Zen 5 and provided some tweaks.

Leaker still thinks Zen 5 will be cluster per core (CCX) There are 8 cores because of a so called scaling issue. According to Paul’s sources, Infinity Fabric was not improved because it “needed additional cores”. As such, we may be looking at up to 32 Zen 4 cores on the flagship Ryzen 9 8000 SKU, fed by 4 CCXs, as previously mentioned. Although Paul first claimed that Zen 5 has a 30% increase in IPC compared to Zen 4 and later revised the average target to 25% last month, and the leaker is now referring to a range of 22-30%. So it will be interesting to see where the actual IPC boost falls. Moving on, Ryzen 8000 Zen 5 CPUs will reportedly have far-reaching effects Changes in the cache structure. The L1 cache could be much larger than before, while the L2 cache could be “unified across CCX”, which is in line with what the leaker just mentioned. However, Paul now believes that the L3 cache is either shared by all core clusters, or it works as usual. In the second case, there may be an “MCD shared” L4 cache, but it will only be used for the APU. All in all, this information largely correlates with the rumors shared by RedGamingTech echoes, so it might be more accurate than not. But, like all leaks, we won’t know for sure until AMD officially takes the wraps off its Zen 5 CPUs next year. Buy AMD Ryzen 5 7600 on Amazon



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