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American airline stewardess just broke the news, basically no one is happy

Stewardesses at American Airlines have been having a hard time finding jobs.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep.

At least, that’s an important takeaway, according to a report from the union representing American Airlines flight attendants, which says American Airlines is now traveling at three times the rate it was a year or two ago. Fire flight attendants.

To be clear, these alleged increases are due to alleged violations of various disciplines, and the American Airlines flight attendants union said it had been “inundated” with calls from The additional flight attendants could be fired at an executive committee meeting of the flight attendants union, the aviation news site reported.

Paddle Your Own Kanoo :

While staff shortages are widely known throughout the airline industry, American Airlines has made no secret of the fact that managers are looking to strictly enforce a wide range of rules and policies that could affect it. Was allowed to slip and fall before.

However, the flight attendant union is concerned that some of its members have been fired without meeting or “trying to reduce stress”. Unions are also concerned that flight attendant managers will now oversee up to 1,000 cabin crew.

I asked both American Airlines and the union representing American Airlines flight attendants for comments, but neither received any reply.

However, as I recently reported, the relationship between American Airlines and its flight attendants has been fraught with concern. Of course, ongoing contract negotiations have something to do with it.

Recently, we heard about a large number of American Airlines flight attendants being fired for not being near their designated bases while on reserve duty.

Also, there are reports that American Airlines is cracking down on senior flight attendants who allegedly bid on preferred travel for which they have no intention of working, and then sell the rights to work on those trips to more junior flight attendants .

I don’t know if any flight attendants were actually fired because of this, but American Airlines said at the time: “Simply put, if it turns out that you are abusing our system, the consequences are Probably the end of a career.”

Now, of course I don’t like the idea of ​​people losing their jobs – really, it seems like a story where no one is really happy. However, nothing happens in a vacuum. As Gary Leff of the airline website View From the Wing put it:

American Airlines The flight attendant union may not like the increase in terminations. And the reasons in any particular case may be debatable…

But in any company with more than 10,000 people in a role, there will be some people who don’t fit well and should be asked to leave.

I think this is the biggest takeaway. I’ve written a lot about the importance of developing and maintaining culture in large organizations.

This is a business cliché we hear over and over again, to the point of cliché – but like a lot of clichés, it’s also true: If you want to be a great leader, build a Great culture matters most.

Sometimes we do this in a positive way: by setting standards, creating incentives, leading by example.

But sometimes, we are also forced to do this in more negative ways, such as by finding a small subset of team members whose behavior suggests they are not really engaging in the culture, and looking to eliminate their method.

Or, as one of my former bosses put it mildly when we discussed firing underperforming employees: give them a chance to find a better fit at another company.

This process can be difficult, confusing and unpleasant. But it’s important; you’re not just removing people who don’t fit; you’re also explaining to others what is and isn’t acceptable of.

I want to be clear: I am not aware of any specific cases of flight attendants who lost their jobs at American Airlines. They may all have legitimate grievances.

However, the details are not important for our purposes; frankly, when I write about airlines, I am mostly looking for lessons that business leaders can learn from other industries.

As I wrote in my free e-book, Flying Business Class: 12 Rules for American Airlines Leaders , It’s one of the few publicly traded commodities industries where every development is dissected by a slew of analysts, investors, and journalists.

It’s like a nonstop march of business school case studies, each teaching the other a valuable lesson.

Today’s class? Culture is the most important. Sometimes bad news sends much-needed information.



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