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Amid Andrew Tate controversy, ex-NBA champ agrees with social media star, but also Joe Rogan

Ever since Andrew Tate went viral on the internet, his emotions have filled social media discussions. He has become a polarizing figure because of his no-holds-barred style. He has been inactive since being arrested by Romanian police on various charges. However, he had a profound influence on the discourse. Joe Rogan, who likes to weigh such issues, has a profound influence on the narrative.

An NBA legend melds the popular notions of both. So how did he stitch the two stories together?

NBA Legend agrees with Rogan in quoting popular lines


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Joe Rogan actively criticizes the mainstream media. This approach has won him followers in various fields. As a result, he has become a major voice and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, is the most famous podcast. Therefore, whether it is ordinary people or celebrities, he is a figure in the mind. One of those NBA personalities, Boston Celtics great Kevin Garnett, posted a story showing a clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast in which he talks about how a local news channel said the same thing across hundreds of channels. The sentence structure and word usage are the same, implying that they got the same script from someone powerful.

KG posted this Joe Rogan clip, ” The Matrix is ​​a very real person “. Andrew Tate re-popularizes the concept of the Matrix, from the cult classic film The Matrix. According to Tate, what we believe to be real in this world is part of the Matrix, which creates an illusion, the elite A simulated world of operations. To understand reality, one needs to step out of the Matrix. Tate poses as someone who can save people from the Matrix on his terms. It’s unclear how KG agrees with Tate’s overall worldview, but he certainly believes that news channels mimic the same thing as control mechanisms and as part of the Matrix.

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Joe Rogan’s podcast never had a Tate ad

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Joe Rogan has spoken about Andrew Tate before . He acknowledged the former MMA fighter’s achievements in kickboxing and said his unabashed stance resonated with young people. At the same time, he criticized Tate’s means of gaining fame and fortune. But he also condemned moves by major social media companies to deplatform him.

Tate also asked to appear on Joe Rogan’s show. But Logan rejected his request because he wanted to avoid getting involved with him. In the long run, it could be a beneficial decision given Tate’s arrest. Regardless, Rogan, Garnett and Tate are all openly speaking their minds.


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Rogan and Tate’s comments sparked a lot of heated debate The debate has been polarized, and Garnett’s views are usually relevant to the NBA, so he hasn’t attracted much negative attention.

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