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Amy Schumer's 'SNL' opening monologue deals with midterm elections, husband's autism spectrum disorder

Amy Schumer opening monologue on Saturday Night Live talked about abortion, the upcoming midterm elections and her husband’s autism spectrum disorder.

SNL Nov 5 episode marks Schumer’s third time hosting a comedy sketch series, and comes days before the host calls it a “midterm abortion” in her monologue, before correcting herself to say “election.”

“Sorry, I was thinking about the risk if we didn’t vote,” Schumer said. “People love giving advice to pregnant women, don’t they? Like my whole pregnancy, I had a friend who kept telling me ‘you have to do prenatal yoga. It really helps with labor. So, I signed up right away… …to have a caesarean.”

She went on to say that after someone had a baby, doctors insisted they abstain from sex for six weeks before she started talking about her and her husband sex life.

“Our sex life is really good. We do it,” she said. “Married people, have you discovered this? We found that the best work day for sex is always…tomorrow. Like, we ate today. Maybe we won’t eat tomorrow. That would be a good day.”

She went on and explained that her husband was the best because he always had the lights on when they were going to have sex and she wanted to turn them off.

“He said, ‘Baby, why are you so shy? You have a great body. I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so cute. You don’t think I want to Let you see me,” she said.

Schumer also discusses her husband Chris Fischer’s autism spectrum disorder, before it was discovered that Dr. Hans Asperger had links to the Nazis , the disease was once known as Asperger’s syndrome. “Kanye?” she joked, before going on to say that Fisher’s diagnosis was indeed a positive for their family.

“We know more about his behavior,” she said. “It gave him a lot of tools, like now if someone’s in a long, boring story, he just walks away. When people find out he’s autistic it’s like they don’t know much about it. They Like, ‘Oh, does he like to count? Should we just throw a bunch of straws on the floor and let him collect them and count them? I’m like, ‘Yeah, that sounds like fun.'”



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