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An Android 13-based UI 5.0 beta launched in India for Galaxy S21 devices

Samsung’s Android-based One UI 5.0 public beta 21 finally arrives on the Galaxy S 09 series of devices in August, when it When launched in Korea and the UK. From now on, you can also enroll your device in the beta program in India.

Currently, you can only register your Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra is in beta program in India (if not unlocked at the time of purchase). As always, in order to sign up, you’ll need to install the Samsung Membership app. Then enter it and find the very obvious banner you’ll see inside, it’s advertising the One UI Beta Program for One UI 5.

One UI 5.0 Beta based on Android 13 reaches Galaxy S21 units in India

Then there is the matter of entering your details and then you will receive the first beta version as a software update in the next few hours or at most days . Then you’ll also get subsequent betas in the same way, as well as the final version at launch.

Note that you should expect questions and bugs to pop up here and there, as this is pre-release software, so if you can’t stand it, it’s best to avoid going into the beta program. Samsung’s release notes mention that Google Pay didn’t work in the initial release — interestingly, the company didn’t keep up with Google’s changing naming convention — and it’s now called Google Wallet. In any case, it doesn’t work, and other features or apps may not work either.




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