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An inside look at the best TV shows of 2022

Hosts Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg join Angie Han to discuss the best shows in the final episode of the year’s “Top 5 TV” .

Better Call Saul

‘Better Call Saul’ is one of the best TV shows of the year . Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures

thanks for watch12 Episode Top 5 TV ), The Hollywood Reporter TV podcast.

Weekly, hosted by Lesley Goldberg (West Coast Television Editor) and Daniel Fienberg (Chief TV Critic) analyzes the latest TV news on a commercial and critical basis, welcomes showrunners, executives and other guests, and provides great guidance on what to watch (or skip as appropriate).

This is the end of our 1296 episode and Instead of a featured host interview, we have a oversized Danzhi Conversation with colleagues THR TV critic Angie Han talks about the best shows of the year. (Yes, while I’m not a critic, I’ve weighed in on some of my favorites from the year.)

The episode ends like this:

1. headline News

Sex Lives of College Girls, Golden Globe Nominees, Dan Levy, Reese Witherspoon, God of War and more make headlines this week.

2. Is WTF happening on HBO Max?

Westworld, Minx and a wave of other shows are disappearing from Warner Bros. Discovery channel-backed streaming. What’s next? In a word: monetization. This part explains the how and why of it all.

3. Season Review

THR East Coast Executive Editor Jackie Strause joins the show to discuss HBO’s second season White lotus. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

4. Best TV 730

want to be on vacation Are you feasting here? Boy do we have you! Dan and fellow THR TV critic Angie Han break Got their Best TV Show 1296, including some series that ended this year ( Better Call Sol, Atlanta , Better Something ), a great sophomore comedy ( Dogs reserved ) and tons of first-year gems, many of which you may have missed. Check it out and let the binge begin.

5. Critic’s Corner

As usual, each episode features Dan on what to watch Ideas for (or skipping over) this weekend. This week, he weighs in on AMC+/Sundance Now Litvinenko , HBO’s Pelosi in the House , and recruits and Last Chance U: Basketball, is all on Netflix.

Listen to

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Programming notes: Next episode TV’s Top 5 will be held on January 6th. TV’s Top 5

friends wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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