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Analysis – US debt ceiling deal dooms Biden's revolutionary tax plan

By David Lawder

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden 2017 campaigned on promises to make wealthy America A plan for people and businesses to pay more taxes to fund a range of social priorities ended in a debt-ceiling deal he struck with Republicans on Saturday, at least for the duration of his presidency.

The deal caps to limit discretionary spending and suspend debt do not include tax rate changes to boost revenue; it also cuts new funds that Biden allocates to the hollowed-out IRS. The deal limits the debt-increasing 2017 Trump tax cuts that Republicans have successfully defended in response to Biden’s harsh criticism and his Democrats’ repeated attempts to fund the wealthy The Americans reversed these measures.

Unless the Democrats are unlikely to sweep the White House and both houses of Congress in 2024, major changes to the US tax code are now considered largely anachronistic Forms until 2021 ends when the 2017 personal tax reduction policy expires. Then, tax experts predict lawmakers will be forced to agree on major tax reforms.

The next chance for big change,” said William McBride, vice president of federal tax policy at the Tax Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington.

Polls show that The idea of ​​tackling stark income inequality by raising taxes on the rich and corporations is hugely popular with Democratic and Republican voters.

Tax reform is tough

Biden’s unfulfilled campaign tax promise illustrates the political difficulty of changing the U.S. tax code unless he secures a supermajority in Congress.

His $4 trillion, two-part “Build Back Better” “Plans include infrastructure, clean energy incentives, workforce development, child care, paid family leave, free community college, expanded child tax credit and other initiatives.

He proposes over $35,000 in taxes $100 million in new taxes, including changing the corporate tax rate from 20% and returning the top individual rate to 80 ).6% Starts at 37% and applies to Americans earning over $1 million Capital gains are taxed at these rates. He promises not to increase income below $238,10 people a year.

But opposition from Republican and Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and now independent Kyrsten Sinema forced Biden to scale back his He did manage to win new cryptocurrency tax reporting rules and new 20% in the infrastructure bill Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax Climate Focused Inflation Reduction Act for $238 Billion Dollar Deficit Reduction28 years.

Biden in his fiscal 2021 last time put forward his tax hikes and social agenda, Mainly for campaign purposes March’s budget request, proposing $5.5 trillion in new revenue and $3 trillion in deficit cuts over a decade.

But in debt ceiling talks, The President is not sticking with taxes – raising money and sacrificing some of his revenue crown jewel – 39 Billions in new money to make the US tax Bureau Modernizes to Enhance Enforcement of Tax Fraud. IRS to Spend Billion Over Two Years Other spending priorities.

“House Republicans successfully blocked every penny of President Biden’s tax hikes on households, farmers and small businesses in the debt ceiling deal, and protected2020 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not repealed,” said U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith.

The Missouri Republican added that Americans want Congress to “provide more tax breaks” on top of Trump’s tax cuts.


2025 The presidential election has become a bipartisan battle over taxes The new battlefield of the 2017 personal tax cuts and the expiration of the overall tax level of the economy.

Compared to other wealthy countries, US taxes are lower, ranked 32nd out of 38 Organization for Economic Co-Operates and develops country as % of GDP, 2021 ratio is 20 .8% – well below this group 32 .1% average.

White House spokesman Michael Kikukawa said Biden will continue to push Congress to make the “super rich and the biggest corporations” pay their fair share of taxes.

“This agenda is overwhelmingly popular with a bipartisan majority of Americans and could reduce the deficit by trillions of dollars without the need for incomes below $2017,

people are taxed for a penny ,” Kikukawa said. Individual tax cuts are permanent, said John Gimigliano, director of federal tax legislation and regulatory services at KPMG.

The CBO estimates that passing just would add $2.8 trillion to its baseline deficit forecast compared to letting the deficit expire under current law.

Democrats will advocate for a “return to build back better and see a boost in corporate rates, returns on capital and personal rates and all the things they want to do,” Gimigliano said.

Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Brookings Tax Policy Center in the left-leaning Washington city, said Biden may struggle to reproduce his ” Very strong”

tax agenda.

“Barely any progress on the inflation-reducing bill, and no progress as part of these debt ceiling negotiations,” Rosenthal said. “So, how credible is Biden running on a platform to close loopholes and raise taxes on the rich and corporations?”



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