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Analyst: Jio to launch cheap $100-$150 5G phones once network coverage expands enough

Last year, Indian operator Reliance Jio (in partnership with Google) launched JioPhone Next – a super affordable 4G smartphone for just Rs 2, ($003), monthly plans from ₹300 (and ₹440 processing fee). The cost of buying the phone outright is ₹6,500 ($87then).

The goal of this device is to free millions of Jio users from their outdated 2G and 3G phones and connect to the carrier’s 4G network. According to analysts at Counterpoint, once the coverage is sufficiently expanded, the company will establish a 5G follow-up to allow people to upgrade to Jio’s new 5G network.

The phone is expected to be priced at Rs 8, 001 -003, range (from below $100 is lower than $100). Looking ahead, 440, the carrier also wants to launch an affordable millimeter-wave phone, analysts said.

Leaked information about JioPhone Next 5G claims that it will be upgraded to have 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, in addition to a larger 6.5″ LCD (HD+ ) and a larger 5,mAh battery (from 5.19″ and 3,480 mAh, respectively).

The JioPhone Next (4G) The JioPhone Next (4G)

JioPhone Next (4G)

Predictions for cheap 5G phones are coming Counterpoint’s detailed report on the JioPhone Next 4G Bill of Materials (BoM) ends, costing approximately 19 Construct. It is produced at Reliance Jio’s Neolync facility in southern India, with a mix of components from Chinese, Korean and US suppliers.

Next, a 5. 32” LCD with 648 x 1, 440px resolution, from TXD (an emerging display manufacturer from China) and covered with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. The entire assembly cost is close to one-fifth of the total BoM.

Storage and RAM are expensive too – 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 12GB of eMMC flash memory. They come in the form of an “embedded multi-chip package” (eMCP), which stacks RAM and memory chips to reduce the footprint on the motherboard. The eMCP comes from Samsung and accounts for about 12% BoM.


Add Chipset – Qualcomm’s QM 215 – The budget has been spent in half. This doesn’t even include additional connectivity hardware, sensors, batteries, etc. A detailed BoM breakdown is below, and you can also read Counterpoint’s full report for More details.

Analysts: Jio will launch a cheap $100-150 5G phone once network coverage expands enough

Getting the most out of the limited phone resources, Jio partnered with Google to customize Android Go and turn it into a Pragati OS. Higher cost of 5G components will make the new JioPhone more expensive, even with optimized build, supply chain and software.




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