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Anderson Silva defends Paul brothers: 'These kids open doors for everyone'

GLENDALE, Arizona – Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wasn’t shouldering the MMA community when he met influencer-turned-boxer Jack Paul.

If anything, Silva thanks Paul and his older brother Logan Paul for helping people like him find a new way to fight. On October 29, he will face Jack Paul and get another chance to do what he loves.

“It’s very important for people to understand that the game has changed and the new generation needs to understand your value,” Silva told MMA Fighting. “No one can say you won or lost this game but you. … These kids open doors for everyone. Think about it, I’m lucky because I help people think about that too. “

After disenchanting with the UFC late in his Octagon career, Silva says his move to boxing has brought him back to being an athlete and competitor. After boxing Paul, he will fly to Abu Dhabi for a jiu-jitsu championship, something he never felt free under the UFC banner.

Many MMA fans want Silva to end Jake Paul’s fighting dreams. When they meet in the square circle, he will definitely try to win, but he can’t say Paul should quit. After all, Paul is helping him achieve his dream.

Check out the full interview with Silva above.



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