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'Andorra' creator Tony Gilroy talks Lucien Rael's future and surprises with some Easter eggs

[This story contains Andor Episode 10 Spoiler for, “One Way Out.”]

followed by Andor

) on the latest episode of the show, creator Tony Gilroy wants to preview future Stellan Skarsgard Luthen Rael, a fan-favorite character in season one and beyond.

In the eighth episode “Narkina 5”, Luson meets with Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) in an attempt to convince the guerrilla leader to form an alliance with Anto Kreegyr. Another important figure in the rebel faction known as the Separatists. But Saw rejected the idea of ​​joining forces, despite the Kreegyr’s intelligence on the potential destruction of the Imperial power station Spellhaus.

However, Lucien’s plans change rapidly in episode ten (“A Way Out”) as his ISB molester Lonni (Robert Eames) tells He, the ISB captured a Kreegyr’s Rebel pilot and discovered his plans to attack Spellhaus. As a result, Luthen told Lonni that he would sacrifice Kreegyr to protect his secret Rebel spy.

He sacrificed a castle to protect his queen. So I don’t think the Kreegyr story is over yet,” Gilroy told The Hollywood Reporter . “Lucen’s situation is very tough, and his situation is only going to change in the next five years. more complicated. You saw the beginning of these problems in episode ten. It’s also one of the main food groups we’ll be dealing with in season two. ”

Gilroy toldTHR before he urged his Andor collaborators to leave them Star Wars reverence for realism, and that also means resisting the franchise’s tendency to put Easter eggs in the foreground. However, The decree didn’t stop his art department from putting away some notable items, much to Gilroy’s surprise.

“They sneak in every now and then, not even me. Yes,” Gilroy said. “I read the Lucerne Gallery antiquities online, and the provenance of some of the antiquities is news to me. So it’s great that the art department sneaks that stuff in. “

In a recent conversation with THR), Gilroy also addressed the show’s alien character , and the series lacks deleted scenes.

Well Tony, loved this show after four episodes, but now, After ten episodes, are you sure you don’t want to go back to the original five-season plan?

(laugh.) I think you’ll take a little pity and see what we’re doing and go, “You can’t physically. “I mean, everyone can see how much we’ve put into it, and we’re not even at the end. We still have a lot to do, so it’s crazy to do it to ourselves. We’re just too old.

Please forgive my gluttony. Anyway, you have received good reviews at every step, so the temperature of Lucasfilm now How much? It’s Casey Kennedy and Co. Very happy?

I think yes, yes. Everyone is very happy [Happy]. I’ve never had a comment or affirmation like this in my life. The enthusiasm of the people who have been following is overwhelming, man. I don’t know what else to say. It’s humbling. So yeah , I think everyone is happy about it. Everyone is happy about [Dragon House] and [Ring of Power ] is out of the way now and I think a lot of people have been waiting for someone to tell them they can now watch [Andor] or whatever. So our The plan is that we’re going to have a long tail and everyone seems happy unless you know something I don’t.

In hindsight , do you want them to avoid the dragon and ring Exactly?

Interesting because we changed the original date [from August. 09 to September ]. We are going to come out with them, But it’s really not on our radar. I’m not sure if streaming dating has the level of military expression that movie releases have. Kind of weird. I know there’s a ton of chess pieces moving around the table in these shows, but a lot of people are It’s the first time doing these things. I mean, I’m doing a second round of interviews about what I’ve done. That’s new. How do we do this? It’s all new. Where, our PR has to last five months? We have to do five months of advertising? “Everyone’s doing something new, but I’m not sure everyone really has a clue when that’s going to happen. So it’s fine for us to move later.

One of the weird nitpicks I’ve seen has to do with the number of aliens, which is funny because episode 10 has a bunch of backgrounds. [Director] Toby Haynes actually told I do you want this to be in the structure of the series, not in the foreground. So how would you describe your reasoning?

There’s already a lot of politics in the show, and we’re trying to tell an adventure story, really. So adding strong alien characters means all of a sudden, we have to deal with a whole bunch of new issues that I don’t really understand, or I just can’t think of a way to incorporate them into what we’re doing. You’ll see more as we go along, but it’s a legitimate question that we’ll answer as we go along. This story and its Politics has a more human-centric side. Surely no aliens work for the Empire, so this way it will automatically suggest it.

Wise , is there any calculus for why [writer] Tangier Roy got the robbery arc and [writer] Beau Willimon got the jailbreak arc?

Well, Danny and I have the same skill set; Bo has a different skill set. Bo is the one who really beat us at drawing and whiteboarding. We really only did five or six days in the screenwriting room , but Bo hadn’t really done any action before. So maybe that has something to do with it. Danny and I have done a lot of this stuff, so it’s familiar territory, but it’s easy to go the other way.

Did they help you crack season 2?

Yeah, we did the same thing as last time. We just did a slightly longer version. I think we did it [in the writer’s room] for 7 days and we brought in another writer. We brought in Got a guy named Tom Bissell who is a very strong writer and has a very interesting resume [Mosquito Coast(2021),author Disaster Artist ]. He also has a very strong interest in Star Wars and he is almost a nerd Star War Fan. As you know, I We’re going into Rogue , so we’re going to cover four years [in season two]. And a lot of it is classic, so it really helps to have a stronger classic sound in the room.

The sixth episode is pretty good achievement. Is this the toughest cut of season 1? [Co-Editor] Was John Gilroy mad at that article?

Six is ​​hard to put together, so I’ll say yeah. I was thinking where Johnny and I argued the most. ( LOL.) Yes, six is ​​hard. Twelve is very, very tough, but in a fun way. It’s just a very big meal. It’s very rich and has a lot to deal with. But yes, six is ​​tough. Six episodes are far more editorial than most episodes.

SupervisorDedra Meero(Denise Gough) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR

ISB Director Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) at Andor Courtesy of Lucasfilm

The next question is that I am currently sitting On the StarsWars Empire Themed chair…


But I am amazed how much I enjoy watching ISB Director Dedra Meero (Tony Gilroy AndorDenise Goff). So why are you putting the audience on the fascist side?

Well, I want to be in everyone’s shoes. The whole show is about empathy. I mean, this is the show. If you want to do it well, you have to be with everyone. I can’t imagine that in the moment I’m with them, I can’t write a character beyond their point of view. When we wrote about her and built her, we had the exact same experience as the audience. We were like, “Oh my god, she’s this woman who is stuck in this thing, and there’s only one other woman out there working. She’s also working harder than everyone else, and she doesn’t get any credit. She’s a complete underdog. We’re rooting for her. How do we make her strong?” And then we got to Ferrix, and we were like, “Oh my gosh, look at her. What’s she doing?” There has to be another term to describe wearing someone’s shoes. You don’t have to agree with someone’s thinking, philosophy, sadism or anything, but if you really want to have a strong character, you have to get in there and be with them.

Tony Gilroy AndorSupervisorDedra Meero(Denise Gough) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR Kyle Soler and Denise Goff Andor Disney+ Tony Gilroy Andor

Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) is still very charming, and in your first press conference, I heard that you fought back through four episodes to a guy who called him a fascist. So what do you think of him at this point in his arc, basically acknowledging his Tony Gilroy Andor Love to Dedra?

Well, I don’t know if he has confessed to her, or if he will, but he is not a fascist. He’s immature, really. He clearly likes rules. He likes order. We see him growing up in a chaotic emotional environment, the simplicity of things is what they should be and people doing their jobs is what keeps him sane. Fighting chaos keeps him sane, and that energy and drive is ideologically contestable. I don’t think Dedra’s ideology is worth fighting for. I obviously don’t think the ISB is either, but Syril is a bit immature. It’s easy to see him going in multiple directions. So his question is more personal at this point. They are more behavioral and psychological than ideological.

People continued to speculate on what they were building on Narkina 5, until I was with Andy Serkis Lately, I don’t think the answer matters. So what do you think of these building blocks?

They are building a second season. ( LOL.) This is the backbone of season two. I’ve heard all kinds of things; it’s great. All the materials the Empire had, I looked at everything, “Economically, how does this work? Who built Scarif? How did you build it? How did you build Eadu? How did you build the Death Star and this fleet?” Things need to be built, and there are tons of materials. So, to me, what they’re building isn’t as important as its scale. When you go to the Imperial Bureau of Standards where Cyril works, you say, “Oh my god,” he just works at the Fuel Purity help desk. But that’s what it takes to run the empire. So it’s really on the scale that we’re trying to suggest here.

SupervisorDedra Meero(Denise Gough) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR

Narkina 5 in Andor Disney+

For Narkina 5 The look and feel, [production designer] Luke Hull was actually inspired by THX Are there so many theories?

This is funny because when we entered the room, I knew Cassian was in jail. But everyone was like, “Oh my God, fuck the prison. How do you make new ones?” Because we’re not going to do what anyone has done before. We are very firm on this. That’s the rule. So to be honest, I don’t know who said electric floors in the first place with all this mess going on, but someone said electric floors. All of a sudden, we’re like, “Oh, Omg, what does this mean? ” So we spent the whole day building the prison and Luke was building the prison with us.

We were fascinated by these things. A lot of people think prisons are only white, but There are a billion shades of white. When we were doing the ISB room, we also had to figure out our whites and how much grey was in them. But I think there are pictures from THX 250.I know we have pictures from The Conformist so I Sure there are pictures from THX, those white people. So it’s a pleasant fusion, and it’s George Lucas’ first movie that’s really enjoyable and Cool. But we definitely went back and looked at it afterwards and was like, “Oh my god, look at those white people. ”

SupervisorDedra Meero(Denise Gough) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR

Andy Serkis as Chino Lowe in Andor

” “I Can’t Swim” is such a heroic and tragic moment as Kino (Andy Serkis) leads his fellow inmates to freedom knowing all too well that he will not succeed. You think Kino was executed shortly thereafter

I don’t know. He’s not dead. Is he dead? I didn’t see him die [at tenth Set].

Cassian (

Diego Luna) in the run is the same as in 1235250954 Melshi (Duncan Pow) ) Rogue One . Did Melshi’s idea come from rewatching Rogue and hand picked some depth clips that could be reintroduced on Andor ?

I love this character. Duncan Pow who plays Melshi loves Rogue and I really like him. So I Like, “How can we get him back? “We’ll do a few other things along the way, but the prison seems like a good place to show where and how they met.

Honestly, I prefer that level of detail to someone like Darth Vader.

Oh good! That’s it What we’re digging. This is where we’re at.

Luthen Rael of Stellan Skarsgard in Andor Disney+

In the eighth episode, Lutson (Stelan Skarsgard) wants Saw (Forrest Whitaker) to meet the separatist leader Anto Kriegill, but now he is willing to sacrifice Crigil comes to protect his ISB molester Lonni (Robert Eames). So where is Luson’s head now?

So you saw his big speech.

I did it! Incredible stuff.

Well, he’s a chess player, man. He sacrificed a castle to protect his queen. So I don’t think the Kreegyr story is over yet . Luthen is in a very tough situation and his situation in the next five years will only get more complicated because how do you build this network? Earlier, he said he has been working for or years, but suddenly, with Aldhani, their voices got louder. Suddenly, they were about to expose themselves. In the classic political sense, he was an accelerationist. He believes in the fact that you have to make it very painful to get people to change.

Once you declare [via the Aldhani heist in episode 6]], once you do, you are no longer responsible for what you put there. So, how do you deal with your paranoia? How do you keep secrets? How do you get big and stay small and tight? How do you expand when expansion makes you more vulnerable? These can be problems. You saw the beginning of these questions in episode ten and this part. It’s also one of the main food categories that we’ll be dealing with in season two.

To provoke the empire to make things worse is simply a recruiting tool.

Yes, it’s called accelerationism. I think it’s dialectics. It covers all sides of the political spectrum. It could be left, right; it could be anywhere. But it’s the idea, “I can’t get people to do something unless they really feel it.” It’s a classic revolutionary leadership move throughout. I mean, you can go back 2021 years and find someone who does.

Vel (Faye Marsay) is Mon Mothma’s (Tony Gilroy Andor Genevieve O’Reilly) Cousin, have you checked the Canon for any inconsistencies?

Monday’s classic isn’t as extensive as you might think. She is from Chandrila. When she was a senator 11. We know when she leaves the Senate; that’s typical on our calendar. But her family life is up for grabs.


talked about it beforeWhy are you notstarWars Zealots enter Rogue, and before Andor, I don’t think Dan and Beau are either. So once you’ve written your script, will Lucasfilm’s brains be in techstarwar After the fact in the jargon?

No, but we have Pablo Hidalgo. He’s a bit like Lucasfilm’s Vatican. He was the last voice, but we had a lot of people on the show. Mohen Leo, our visual effects supervisor, is also on Rogue and is a huge part of our show and a very important feature of our show. Mohen and his team know everything . There are a lot of people around us who are very deep. So if we have a question, we ask it, but it’s really an organic system. They sneak in every now and then without even knowing about me. I read the antiquities of the Lucerne Gallery online and the provenance of some of the antiquities is news to me. (laughs.) So it’s great that the art department is sneaking this stuff out there, but overall it’s a collaborative, organic, rolling the process of.

Your work is filled with many compromises, but what turns out to be most beneficial?

Aldhani originally envisioned six or seven thousand people in the valley, but with Covid, my god, you can’t Put so many extras together. You can’t take them up a mountain, you can’t put them in a van, you can’t do any of those things. Aside from financial hardship, it’s just a physical impossibility. So there is a problem. The whole thing is written in one way. It’s a big deal. So you think, “Oh my God, it’s all ruined. It’s all about shit.” But the result is better because the answer is actually sadder and more important. It’s just the dead. This is just the end [for Dhanis]. It’s a culture, it’s dying out, and then it becomes the dominant thing.

And then, oh my gosh, that’s where the monologue above came from, and then the whole concept of the engineer came out of it and solved it in a whole new way Shabby and dirty. So all of a sudden, it’s more real and better, and I’m happy with the results. Most of the constraints we encountered were purely budget constraints. We have no real objections to the show itself, but on the budget, we have some constraints. I would say it eight times , it will lead to improvements.

Will you share any deleted scenes with us at some point?

There was one or two small clips we shot but didn’t use. Other than that, we ate the whole cow. Hoofs, horns… we don’t have any waste. We are well-funded, but we don’t have excess. We’re not one of those shows with unlimited budgets. Some shows have unlimited budgets. They don’t care. But we are not. We have a very, very tight grip on what we do, so we don’t have anything that we’re not using. We reassigned some tasks and moved things around, and we reshot a thing or two in the process because we had a chance to make them better. But no, it’s not that kind of show. We can’t afford it.

When Covid hit, you rewrote your first episode. What’s the biggest change?

I was so naive, everything happened so fast. It’s all so tempting. “Are we really going to do this? Are we really going to get the money?” So we just tiptoed forward for seven months or something like that. And I’m in the stage of preparing and starting the cast, but I don’t really know what level we’re going to get to. In the end, the script must be absolutely perfect. we need to600 page, and we just don’t know. Beau knows a bit from House of Cards , but asks a little differently. All design elements and budget elements. It’s really just a question of, “Oh my god, if we’re really going to do this, every moment of it has to be unearthed.” And making that happen just brings you back to [the keyboard]. ( Gilroy raised his keyboard with a smile .) This is where I am today as well. You just have to make it perfect and I am happily surfing thinking it will take care of it on its own or it will be fine or I can handle it. But I didn’t realize what I was up against, so Covid really saved the show. (laughs.)

any Rogue character would make for an interesting prequel, but ignore the fact that there is already one Andor is under development, Is Cassian the character you’d be drawn to in the prequels anyway?

I’m guessing Jyn Erso [Felicity Jones]’s performance would be pretty captivating as well. My attitude is that you can be anyone. I mean, the Bodhi Rook [Riz Ahmed] domestic drama… if you’re in it, it’s all going to be fun. It’s all fun if you dig deeper. Whose life is not real? Cassian’s life is more exciting because he will end up on that beach and he will consciously give up everything.

The conversation surrounding the storytelling of the prequels has been frustrating to me. For example, some people throw at you the fallacy that this show has no stakes because we’ve already seen Cassian’s death in Rogue. However, you keep rejecting the idea that our own lives are still at risk, even when we know we’re going to die.


Thank you for this.

I am very satisfied with this. This was a conversation we had over dinner one night. I was like, “I’ll use that tomorrow.”

Toby told me that Marwa’s (

Fiona Shaw) It was so cold indoors that day that they just rolled her breath, but story wise why did she insist on sitting In the cold? Both Cassian and Brasso commented.

She’s a tough old bird, man. She is such a person. It actually fits perfectly. She said, “I only turn the thermostat on when it’s below so-and-so.”

I save my worst questions for last. It’s actually more of a coordinating conjunction joke, if such a thing exists.

come on!

If the name Andor exists in Star Wars Galaxy, does that mean the name Buty also exists?

(Laughs.) You know what, let’s Save this question. I’ll give you the answer when we do this interview in the second part of season two. We all have so much time to think about it.

12352262611235209806Andor is now streaming on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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