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'Andorra' star Adria Arjona talks Bix and Cassian's backstory and why the show works

[This story contains Andor spoilers) for the first three episodes. ]

At the height of the pandemic, Andorra star

Adria Arjona flew all the way to London, with Diego Luna auditioned together, and less than ten minutes later, series creator Tony Gilroy welcomed her to Star Wars . Arjona plays Bix Caleen, a mechanic and one of Cassian Andor’s oldest friends on the planet Ferrix. In their first scene in Bix’s Little Company, it was revealed that the two characters had untapped feelings for each other, leading Bix’s current love interest Tim (James McArdle) to jealously betray her , reported Cassian to the Imperial Security Service.

According to Arjona, the backstory of Bix and Cassian’s relationship is still up in the air.

“They’re childhood friends, and there’s a mystery, ‘Did they really love each other?'” So it’s really a bit of an unknown, but through their long-term Friendships, trusts are built, then broken, then built again, then broken again. But it’s kind of bad that she always ends up choosing him over everything. “

Andorra ‘s first three episodes have now premiered on Disney+ and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, Because the series is so different from the previous Star Wars shows. Arjona credits one person for this new direction.

Tony [Gilroy], said, “I think it is, I think it is that, I think it is that. “That’s why [Andor] works because we have a vicious leader,” Arjona said.

In a recent spoiler conversation with THR, Arjona also recalled her mother How to give her positive support, she needs to fly to London and audition in dangerous situations. An extension of the pandemic.

Well, we can finally say the name Bix Caleen.

Thank God! I’ve always wanted to get a Bix tattoo.

I know you delayed it for fear of spoilers, but are you still going to get tattoos?

Yes, I will do it. I’m going to get a tattoo Star Wars but I’m not sure what.

When we talked in April, you described Bix as a down-to-earth woman. Are you saying she’s some kind of mechanic?

Yeah, it’s hard to talk about her so early. I mean, she

is very practical, fearless, bold and loyal, even against herself at times. She cared so much about the people around her that it really took her on a trip. So I fell in love with her in a way. I just think she’s the coolest.

LucasfilmAndor Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) in Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Can you tell me the history of her and Cassian? What made her protect him so much?

I know their friendship is long. They’re childhood friends and there’s this mystery: “Did they really fall in love? Did they ever get together? Was there any jealousy between Cassian and Tim? Is this a love triangle?” So it’s a bit of an unknown indeed, But through their long-term friendship, trust has been built, then broken, then built, and then broken again. But Bix still cares deeply about Cassian. He’s very complex and sophisticated, and he always seems to get himself into trouble or do things differently. Like I said, Bix is ​​very useful. She has her own business, and she’s finally running it the way she wants. She’s at the top of her game. She finally had stability, but every time Cassian came in, he only disturbed it slightly. So she almost wished Cassian a little better, and she was incredibly protective of him. But it’s kind of bad that she always ends up choosing him over everything.

Yes, Cassian is unreliable in many ways, but Tim (James McArdle) is someone willing to jump in basketball for Bix Circle people, wrong.


She also accepts Tim because she’s tired of Cassian’s unpredictability?

I personally think so. Tim is safe. Tim is in charge. They work well together. They do business together. Maybe she has hopes and dreams that it could be Cassian, but who knows? That’s impossible for him, hence the sentence Cassian gave to Bickers, to which Bickers replied, “I didn’t ask you about your personal life.” So you can really feel the tension in that moment. , “Oh, he doesn’t like Tim in my life.” (laughs.) But he comes and goes a lot. It’s his way of protecting those he loves.

For anyone who may have missed our last Interview, would you mind retelling the story of how you played the role in the room ?

Gosh, I did tell you. I didn’t tell too many people this story. So I sent a tape and I was asked to go to London during the pandemic. So I called my mom and I said, “Mom, they want me to go to London, but there’s something called COVID. What should I do?” I was just too scared. I am a real melancholic. I was like, “What’s wrong with this world?” She basically said, “Adria, you’re a swan. You can swim in a lake of shit without getting dirty. Let the Force be with you, my Daughter.” Then she hung up on me.

So I ended up going to London and I met Tony [Gilroy] and Diego [Luna] in person. We did a scene together and Tony just stood up and said, “Diego, meet your co-star. Adria, meet your co-star.” I was like, “Excuse me, what?” Tony was like, ” Welcome to Star Wars.” Then my heart dropped. The entire test period lasted only 09 minutes, and I did the scene once, plus another quick little scene. All of a sudden, I’m in Star Wars. It’s the craziest thing and it doesn’t represent my acting skills at all. I think it says more about Tony’s ability to see something and go, “That’s right.” The decisions made throughout the show — the writing, the sets, the costumes and the world — are very Tony-like, “I think it’s like that, I think it’s like that, I think it’s like that.” That’s why it works because we have a vicious leader.

(LR): Lucasfilm Andor by Lucas Provided by the film industry

Bix helps Cassian meet Stellan Skarsgard’s character Luthen Rael, who is likely to put Cassian on a trajectory to becoming a Rebel hero, in Rogue One plan to steal the Death Star. This effort eventually led to Luke Skywalker destroying the first Death Star and saving the galaxy. So, technically, Bix is ​​also involved in saving the galaxy. Have you ever imagined Beeks playing in the grand scheme of Star Wars character of?

I have. I really have. When Bix sent this message to Luthen Rael of Skarsgard, I thought about what it means, and what it means for her future, Cassian’s future, and the future of the galaxy itself. But it does depend more on Cassian than Bix, esp. Bix has no idea what the hell she’s doing, but she’ll find out sooner or later. So I don’t think she fully understood what was going on or the connection to what was going to happen, but she quickly realized it.

Episode 3 ends in tragedy, with Tim being stitched and dying in front of Beeks. Cassian also escaped Felix with Lucien. It’s safe to say you’ll be back at some point, right?

I can’t tell you. I’d be crazy to do that.

What is your favorite episode number?

Episode 1. (laughs.)

Wow, you’re very good at this.

(laughs.) You have to watch it.

500 2021Andor‘s three-episode premiere is now available on Disney+ . This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



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