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'Andorra' star Fiona Shaw also loves her 'Reckoning' series

[This story contains Andor the first three spoiler set. ]

Star Wars Right Killing Eve as Andor star Fiona Shaw is now the third key character in the BBC America series to join a galaxy far, far away. Follow in the footsteps of Killing Eve creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Stars Judy Comer (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), Shaw as Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)’s adoptive mother Marva, She first meets young “Casa” (Antonio Viña) in the wreckage of a ship in his hometown of Kenali.

For Shaw, the answer to why Maarva is responsible for this Kenari child has to do with the fact that Cassian’s fellow Kenari just killed a Republic officer.

“If she hadn’t brought him home, he would have died. She saw him and thought, ‘This is an amazing child. “So she took him as her own,” Shaw told The Hollywood Reporter .

Shaw also didn’t blame Cassian, who grew up on Maarva, for being a little disappointed and a nuisance to his friends and family.

“She probably admitted it all the time because Kenari and his search for his sister were always on his mind and he never gave himself completely to this mother ,” Xiao said. “So she did her best to him, and of course he was disappointed because he couldn’t find his way. And he couldn’t find his way because he couldn’t find his way.”

In a recent session with THR, Shaw also added insight to her favorite line, “This is how reckoning sounds look like.”

You are very suitable for star Wars The galaxy that surprised me was not voted until now. Have you ever brushed star WAR Casting over the years?

I hope you’re the casting director, because then I might. (laugh.) Thank you very much. I’m glad you think so. Every time has its own horn, my moment is now. So I’m excited to be a part of this, a very complex development of all Star Wars franchises. Tony writes something complex, textured, emotional, determined and excavated. He does it all, and his work is almost like many European or Russian films. He conducted a domestic survey in this very, very metallic universe. So it’s a great achievement.

Cassian Ando (Diego Luna) and Maarva (Fiona Shaw) at Lucasfilm Andor

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

So why is Maarva responsible for this Kenari child now known as Cassian Andor? Why did she take him in?

Because she found him. I mean, she adopted him because she found him. If she hadn’t brought him home, he would surely have died. Her husband said, “Are you crazy?” She said, “I’m not going to let him die here.” So I think that’s it. Even when she first met Cassian, he was such a wonderful creature of character, and I suspect the connection happened even before she decided to accept him. She saw him and thought, “This kid is amazing.” So she took him as hers.

Do you think she was trying to have a baby with her husband long before that?

Interesting question. I wonder if she forgot about them because she was busy hanging out in the galaxy with her husband and collecting tons of metals just to make things. You do feel that Felix is ​​not a very wealthy community, people just make a living by repairing spaceships and sending them back to the Empire. They’re mechanics and their backyard is full of old stuff. But it’s on such a large scale only because it’s a spaceship. So she and her husband collect spaceships and repair them. She is a little hypocritical. Before [she adopted Cassian], she wasn’t a stay-at-home person.

As a professional scavenger of some sort, she recognizes the value of Cassian, just as she does with spaceship parts.

You are absolutely right. When we saw her when she was much older, she was very tired, very tired, very tired. She has experienced many tragedies in her life, and the empire is driving her crazy.

LucasfilmAndor Fiona Shaw in Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Cassian is a little disappointed for those around him. He is unreliable and frivolous. Does Maarva blame herself?

I do not think so. She had done her best for him. Even children are quite Mature, but I think she loves him. And she may have always admitted that, because Kenari and his search for his sister were always on his mind, he never fully dedicated himself to this mother. So she’s done her best to him, and of course he’s disappointed because he can’t find his way. He can’t find his way because he can’t find his way. So, psychologically, I don’t know how much she’ll be aware of it, but I’d definitely forgive her for doing her best to keep him safe and imbued with the values ​​that Maarva is full of. She is Felix’s daughter. She is very honorable. She is a very fair person. I don’t know how fair she is in business, but I don’t think she’s a liar. So what would you do with a son who starts doing his own thing in ten years?

LucasfilmAndor( Fiona Shaw in Courtesy of Lucasfilm

You praised Tony Gilroy’s writing when she mocked those “This is what liquidation sounds like” is quite the line when being an officer. In that side profile, she looks like a boss.

I enjoyed it because it was written in there, Malva had it before, the same The way someone might remember 650 and when the revolution ended. She is someone who remembers the turmoil of the past. Her family has been fairly unfairly punished by Empire, and I think she really likes what reckoning sounds like. You really need to worry when it gets quiet. She was referring to the silence before the storm.

Why doesn’t she turn on the heat? She’s breathing cold air at certain moments, and both Cassian and Brasso (Joplin Sibertain) mention the fact that she’s capable of turning it on.

Well, I think she is actually poor , and she can’t stay hot all the time. I don’t think there are many of them. She lost her husband [Gary Biddle’s Clem Andor], her income fell, and she had no workers. They were not doing well, and Cassian was concerned.

Finally, when was the earliest you Star Wars memory?

When I10 and I came to America for the first time. I have never been abroad. I went to Chicago to live with a daughter I met in college. So we went to Star Wars and I’ve never had McDonald’s before. I had a McDonald’s and I saw Star Wars so my life changed. I saw it outdoors in Chicago, at 650. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Andor‘s first three episodes are now on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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