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'Andorra' stars Denise Gough and Kyle Soler discuss playing a new kind of Empire role

[This story contains Andor spoilers) for the first three episodes, and a mild reference to the fourth. ]

Whole Star Wars Empire characters are mostly black and white in the franchise, but Andor explores two fresh Known fork, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller believe their characters will add a little more grey to the mix.

Gough’s character, Dedra Mello, who will be introduced in Episode 4, is the head of the Imperial Security Service, the director of the Cassian Andor case. A small detail fell within her authority, leading her to lead the investigation. However, as one of only two women on the ISB leadership committee, she faced some hurdles along the way. But for Goff, it’s not just about gender.

“She sees these lazy guys gaining power they shouldn’t have. I don’t think she sees herself as a woman in a man’s world. I think she just wants to , ‘I’m good at my job. I deserve better than this,'” Goff told The Hollywood Reporter .

Cyril Kahn of Soller is the Deputy Inspector of the Pre-Mor Security Inspection Unit, an independent affiliate of the Empire, and as a police officer, Kahn is bent on To find the man responsible for the murder of two peers (Cassian Andor). Despite orders from his chief inspector to completely cover up the matter, Kahn’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, which extends to his tailored uniform, can’t let it go.

“I totally see him being methodical and meticulous, and OCD is a way of trying to structure and control his environment and it feels very out of control. So I Do know that detectives with OCD are actually more effective at their jobs, so I thought, ‘Oh, this is a match made in heaven,'” Soler said.

In a recent spoiler conversation with THR, Goff and Soler also look ahead to them potential partnerships between the characters and reveal what unites them, both on and off screen.

So I’d love to hear about your personal moments on set where you said to yourselves, “Oh my god, I’m Part of Star Wars.”

Denise Gough: So, day one, straight in, we were on the [Ferrix] set that they built. All scenarios are real. So we were in a small town and I was wearing my full Imperial uniform. Then they gave me two death cavalry and we went through a whole bunch of extras. So I started humming the Star Wars theme song and then all the extras The song began to hum it. All of a sudden, I knew very well that I was in Star Wars, but then I was Forgot, until the last few days. So now I’m really at a loss, I’m at Star Wars.

LucasfilmAndor Director Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) Courtesy of Lucasfilm 2021

Kyle Soller: I was also in this incredible scene. It was a small town. It’s like eight acres or something. This is a 78 degree set. You can go anywhere. But it got to the point of filming that I literally forgot that I was in starwarbecause I thought, “I’m part of this socio-political drama, which is also a thriller, a family drama and a love story, with some people who look so spacey.” So I was walking across the set and suddenly there was a group of The people separated, revealing a line of stormtroopers. So I just lost my mind and had a childhood geek. (laughs.) I was like, “Oh my God, a bunch of stormtroopers,” which I hadn’t seen at the time. awesome.

Kyle, Syril Karn has one of the most captivating character details, a custom-made uniform for him that hints at his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Research shows that detectives with some degree of OCD tend to be more effective at work. Do you see Kahn the same way?

Goff: I have to interrupt here because when I tried it on for the first time When it came to Dedra’s uniform, I said to the designer, “This has to be tailored. It has to be smothered here.” He smiled and said, “I can’t believe it. [Kyle] has to be tailored for all his clothes. “So we knew we would be perfect together because even off the field we were OCD. We’re having a hard time in this [news agency] room right now because it’s full of wires and boxes and stuff. OCD brings us together.

Soller: (laugh.) Yes Yes, there is a high level of anxiety beneath the surface that has actually always been with Cyril. Yes, I totally think he’s methodical and meticulous, OCD is a way of trying to structure and control his environment, and it feels very out of control. He comes from a difficult background, and as the series progresses, we actually get a perspective. His peculiarity comes with judgment, but out of fear of things beyond his control. So I do know that detectives with OCD are actually more effective at their jobs, so I thought, “Oh, this is a match made in heaven.”

(LR): Mosk in Lucasfilm Andor Sergeant (Alex Ferns), Chief Inspector Hyne (Rupert Vansittart) and Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Denise, you play as an ambitious empire named Dedra Meero The head of security, who happens to be one of only two women on the ISB officer committee. So as she tries to lead her own investigation into the Cassian Ando affair, she faces enormous resistance. In short, why is she a fascist team?

Goff: So when I was talking to Tony about Dedra’s origins, she wasn’t much. She is an outsider who is looking for an important way and being considered important. Like Cyril, she wants to find control and be able to be in positions of power so she can feel like she’s in control. In her industry, she looked around and saw that a lot of privileged people were able to ride it, and Dedra’s nature wasn’t to ride it. So she obviously has to work twice as hard than everyone else out there, maybe because she’s female, but her motivations are very similar to what Kyle said about Cyril. She wants control, and control is a safety.

I don’t know we’ll get into Dedra’s background, but when I talked to Tony about it, it was traumatic and difficult. This has psychological implications for adults. If they have such a childhood, when they grow up, they tend to try to live a very controlled life so they feel safe. She’s also hungry for power because she sees these other lazy people getting power they shouldn’t have. I don’t think she sees herself as a woman in a man’s world. I think she just thought, “I’m good at what I do. I deserve better than this.”

Your two The characters are all very book-friendly, they all share the same handicap, which is Blevin (Ben Bailey Smith). Will your two characters be useful to each other on the road?

Goff: Yes, of course.

Soller: Absolutely.

Gough: Blevin annoys [Dedra] very much. He was so messy and lazy, he was listless. He thinks he’s got it all sorted out. I had a lot of fun around Blevin.

Soller: (Laughs.) I think Cyril and Dedra will feel seen when they find each other and they have many of the same empires of morals and values ​​in the fascist structure. They finally realize that together they can become stronger.

Gough: But they can’t be Rebels either, because Rebels are so dirty. Syril and Dedra are super clean and tidy. They are perfect for fascist regimes.

The first three episodes of Andor are now streaming on Disney+. This interview has been edited for length and Clarity .



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