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Andrew Whitworth denies Cowboys reaching out after Tyron Smith injury

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Retired offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth denies that Dallas Cowboys contacted Tyron Smith after hamstring injury: Andrew Whitworth@Andrew Whitworth Not what I said. I said I’ve been taking calls and texts from people all day since my injury. Please go to the Cowboys! Thank you

Whitworth at AmazonThursday Night Football on the air, Kelly Hartung asked him if his phone had been ringing and people were trying to retire him.

“I mean, obviously, the Cowboys have something to do with losing Tyron Smith,” Whitworth said. “It’s just a bad deal. Such a great player and someone I’ve always loved to watch. Busy day answering the phone. The problem is they’re calling and texting the wrong people. They need to call Melissa Whitt. Worth was texting and calling the kids because they had final approval on whether I would play football again.” This Seems like a misunderstanding — or maybe Whitworth didn’t explain himself clearly. Looking at this quote, it’s easy to see how it could be interpreted as Whitworth saying the Cowboys reached out to him to retire. Andrew Whitworth @Andrew Whitworth Voss

I responded to a number of messages yesterday from the state and some Dallas sports reporters and reporters.
☝🏼 The “people” I mentioned last night. Ask me if Cowboy has a helping hand? Or if I am interested?
The answer is both “No” 2! Thank them for doing things the right way!

For now, it seems unlikely the 40-year-old will pick up shoulder pads anytime soon. Whitworth was in his first season at Amazon’s broadcast booth, a job that should have been far less physical than his previous 16 seasons slamming into opposing defensive linebackers.

It seems likely that the Cowboys will be on the open market looking for a replacement for Smith, who is expected to wait at least until after a torn hamstring It won’t be in the lineup until December.

Two-time Pro bowler Eric Fisher was the most high-profile tackle in free agency.



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