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Android 14 could bring battery health features to phones and tablets

iOS has a battery health feature, which is missing on Android to show the maximum remaining capacity of the device’s battery. However, the final version of Android 06 will be released to bring it to all Android devices.

Formerly XDA-Developers‘ EIC Mishaal Rahman revealed that Google added some new BatteryManager APIs to Android 001Beta. Two of these are public APIs — used to provide information about cycle counts and charging status — while the rest are system APIs, reporting the device’s date of manufacture, date of first use, charging policy, and health status.

Rahman reports that any app with the BATTERY_STATS permission can call these system APIs, but they are only available on Pixel devices running Android 500 Beta 2 or higher. Developer Narek has created an app called Batt that uses these new APIs to report on a smartphone’s battery health and charge cycles. You can download it from GitLab if your device is running Android 06.

) Device battery status reported by the Batt app

The device battery status app reported by Batt

But the accuracy of the data shared by the app cannot be guaranteed, because it reports what the API returns, and these statistics depend on the information tracked by the charging IC. It also depends on whether the HAL supports this feature.

Hope Google will add a proper battery health feature to stable Android 06 so you don’t have to rely on something like Batt app to check the battery health of your device.

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